Google Comes to Town

Google security experts will host free workshop and consultations for anyone who signs up.

Google comes to town to teach Internet users in Birmingham how to be more secure online 


Google search insights reveal public concern about how to secure data online. As part of a countrywide roadshow, Google will host a one-off training seminar in Birmingham on 21st August at The Digital Garage to inform and teach the public how to be safe and secure online.

Birmingham was selected to host the workshop after Google search insights found that Birmingham Internet users are amongst the most frequent searchers of security related questions in the UK. People in the city Google search “Am I being hacked?” and “Identify theft” far more than the national average, according to Google’s trend analysis. Laurian Clemence from Google UK, said “This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, knowing so many people from Birmingham are searching for “Am I being hacked?” shows there is a clear demand for information on how to stay safe online.”

A survey of 500 people* in Birmingham found over a quarter (27%) of those surveyed have had online services they use, such as an email account or online bank account, hacked or targeted by hackers in the last two years. The survey also revealed:

  • One in five people, 20%, surveyed said personal information, such as password(s), bank details, or emails, had been taken by hackers and used without their permission or used to pretend to be them in the past.
  • Over one in five people, 21%, either have or are unsure if they have given information to a website that seemed genuine but was not (such as imitation banking sites or phishing sites that looked very similar to the original).


What’s happening at the workshop?

Clemence says: Our workshop will cover best practices directly from Google’s privacy and security experts on how they can safeguard their passwords, update their account settings, find a stolen device, and check where they are sharing their data in just two minutes, from one place. Anyone can sign up, starting today.”

Attendees at the Birmingham event will be able to book a one-to-one private consultation with a Google Security Ambassador, while also getting best practice tips on how to keep their personal data safe and secure from a Google security expert.

Sign up for the event in Birmingham is open online here. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask Google any of the pressing questions they’ve always wanted to ask, as set out on their new Privacy page.

Councillor Penny Holbrook, Cabinet Member for Skills, Learning and Culture at Birmingham City Council said: “The internet offers so many opportunities but it is important that everyone knows how to stay safe and secure online. Google’s Digital Garage at the Library of Birmingham is proving to be a big success and this workshop is another initiative that shows that a modern library is about so much more than simply books.” 


* Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Google

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