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Lynsey Le Keux, founder and director of Le Keux Vintage Salons

Lynsey Le Keux, founder and director of Le Keux Vintage Salons, talks start ups, 50s fashion and blue hair

How did Le Keux start?

Around seven years ago I had my own vintage wedding and at the time I couldn’t find any vintage suppliers that could do what I wanted. So I had the idea to be a vintage wedding planner but soon realised how hard it was to find the business. Soon after, I got into event management and I organised a few hen parties for friends and soon found that people really responded to everything I did that had a strong vintage brand. Hen parties seemed like a good way to go, so I started working with other people in the field and we’d each offer our own individual services.

We came together to do a collaborative photoshoot and I just thought that if I could teach myself how to do the vintage hair and make-up, we could make it look like it’s a vintage hen party.  We used the photos to promote our parties and people were way more interested in the hair and make-up and photoshoot part more than anything else. As soon as we started doing more of the beauty side of things and vintage makeovers, the business grew very quickly. A year and a half in, I quit my job and started this full-time and a year later we took on our first premisses here at the Custard Factory. Since then we’ve expanded and took on Leeds and we now have a salon opening this month in Leamington Spa.

I love growing the business, setting up a site, getting the right people in to make it self-sufficient and then moving on.

What are the best bits about your job?

I love growing the business. My favourite part is setting up a site, getting the right people in to make it self-sufficient and then moving on and starting a new one. I also love the aesthetic of it all. I couldn’t get away with it at home but I am starting to take over room by room but my husband tries to fight it because it’s so girly.


How would you describe your style?

I’m very 50s but I don’t think I’m completely authentic vintage. There are some girls who wear girdles but I tend to mix and match it with contemporary and retro. The 50s is a really flattering style too and I always wear dresses.

What is your favourite item you own?

LeKeux3I have to say my favourite item would be a dress by a US company called Bettie Page clothing. It’s a black shift dress, long sleeve with a tight criss cross belt at the waist. It’s fitted and I feel really professional in it but it still allows me to express my style. If I’m going into a very corporate environment like when I’m selling the cosmetics, it’s important for me to be taken seriously. I do have a distinct style and I do have blue hair and some people in that environment might judge me for that, so it’s nice to find those pieces that make me feel like I belong in that environment.

Find Le Keux in the Custard Factory, Digbeth. Visit

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