How to achieve a flawless glow this summer

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Getting the right balance between an effortless glow and just looking sweaty can sometimes be tricky. But fear not, we’re here to share some top tips how to shine in all the right places

1. Invest in a good highlighter

It may seem like the obvious option to add highlighter, but choosing the right one is key to achieving the perfect glow. Add radiance into the skin without looking like you’ve just run a marathon through building it gradually. Don’t be afraid to experiment with highlighter serums and sticks, which are easy to apply if you’re a woman on the go.

2. Hydration is key

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but drinking enough water really does work wonders for your skin. However if you want to speed up the process, a hydrating moisturiser is a cosmetics bag essential this summer. Replenish your skin and fight the damaging effects of the sun by opting for a high SPF.

3. Stay primed

Not only will a decent primer keep your makeup looking flawless all day and prevent it from melting away in the heat, it will also boost your complexion. Brighten and plump your skin whilst reducing imperfections before applying your base, allowing for a flawless end result that will last from your morning coffee to evening cocktails.

4. Bronze it up

Whether you’re sticking to a classic powder or adding bronzing drops to your base for an all-over glow, enhance your complexion and fake a natural tan with the right bronzer. Apply to parts of the face that would be hit by the most sun; the forehead, apples of your cheeks and nose. But be careful, bronzer is different to contour and often less is more.

5. Ditch the foundation 

Nobody likes the feel of makeup on their face throughout the day, especially in the heat, so avoid your base looking cakey after a day in the sun by opting for a tinted moisturiser. This lightweight option still gives a slight coverage and evens out skin tone but allows skin to breathe in the process. So go on, embrace your freckles and rosy cheeks!

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