The singer and KISS ambassador on red-carpet prep, beauty hacks and applying fake eyelashes like a pro…

Beauty Secret?

I’m an expert at putting on fake eyelashes – I can do them in the car, I can do them anywhere basically. But my one tip would be to wait for the glue to dry, this is something people always forget to do, wait a few minutes and apply to the lash. Then use the end of a brush and press down along the lash line to make sure the lash is really close to the lash line – this is the only way it will look 100% natural without the gap!

Best beauty products?

I like coral and peach tones as I think they complement my skin. When I go out I sometime splurge with an intense ruby red! I love natural products and my mum makes her own products which contain coconut and marula oil – I use it on my skin, hair, and nails, literally everything.

Signature look?

I like a relaxed, natural look during the day, beautiful glowing skin with barely there foundation, a light shimmery lip with a bit of shading and a good natural lash.  But I do chop and change a lot. Sometimes I’m easy, with no make-up, other times I want to put everything on including the kitchen sink! It just really depends how I feel.

KISS Blooming lashes, £6.75Red carpet prep?

I prep for red carpet events like I would do for being on stage. I do a good workout called KOBOX, which is basically like circuit interval training combined with boxing. I also love Soul Cycle; it’s dark with loud music so no one can see you sweating, which is the best thing!

With my make-up, I focus on the eyes. I always like to do my eyes first and then the rest of my face because you can tell how much more make-up you need depending on how much eye make-up you have on. I wear fake eyelashes way more than I use mascara so a big smoky eye with an amazing lash is a must. When I’m on stage I sometimes double them up, so I may use a natural lash like KISS Look So Natural in Flirty and then an intense one like KISS Blooming in Peony.

Top make-up hack?

When wearing red lipstick you should always line your lips and fill your lips with the liner, then put the lipstick on top – this will make the colour more intense.

Favourite nail look?KISS Gel Fantasy nail knit, £6.99

I match my nails to how I’m feeling and what I’m wearing. I do love red but that’s probably because of my mum, as I was so used to seeing her red nails all the time. I love dark tones like a really deep purple and that pretty much goes with everything. I experiment with lots of colours and that’s what’s so great about imPRESS manicure, as they literally come in every colour of the rainbow. On stage I always go for something sparkly like KISS Gel Fantasy!

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