Beauty tips from Stila’s Pro Make-up Artist

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Before she heads off to New York Fashion Week, Stila’s Pro Make-up Artist Sascha Jackson talks to our Editor about her tricks of the trade. Start taking notes girls …

Words: Elle Sixsmith


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1. Spring beauty is all about natural glowing skin.    

We’re taking things back to basics. Forget contouring and strobing, it’s far too difficult for the everyday woman and can go horribly wrong. It’s all about a simple beautiful complexion where you can actually see the skin and any freckles. Your best friend will be an illuminating foundation or illuminating primer. I like to prime the skin with Stila’s One Step Illuminate — it leaves skin looking luminous from the start. I like to describe it as a J-Lo glow. I use it after foundation too in the areas you want to highlight, it really brings back that glow and natural texture. And I know that our head make-up artist, Sarah Lucero loves to use this look on Victoria Beckham.

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2. A black eyeliner can dramatically thicken the look of lashes.

I’ll always use a black pencil eyeliner underneath the top water line for an instant lift. If you’re fair-haired and your lashes are blonde, it also gives that depth and instantly makes your lashes look so much fuller.

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3. A nude liner is an essential.

Run a nude liner on the inside of the waterline and it adds on a good few hours of sleep and instantly refreshes the look of eyes.


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4. Jennifer Lopez is my ultimate make-up inspiration.

She may be in her late forties now but she never plays it safe and still loves to experiment with her make-up. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is another favourite – she always looks flawless and oozes Hollywood glamour but never looks over-done.

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5. Stop overdoing it on the eyebrows! 

I love the big brow trend but keep them looking natural. I don’t like it when people fill in too much colour at the start of the brow or square them off. That’s not how a brow should look. Start filling in colour from the arch of the brow and not the area closest to the nose.

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