Top 3: Beauty books actually worth buying

When it comes to beauty, you’re bound to hear different opinions from every angle. Written by the experts, these books cut the jargon to make it simple.

Sali Hughes – Pretty Honest, £22, Waterstones

Columnist, journalist and former magazine editor Sali Hughes breaks down the art of makeup in this ‘straight-talking beauty companion’. Available in hardback as a great coffee table addition, this no-nonsense beauty book is a guide to everything you need to know, from skincare to lipstick. With over two decades of expertise and knowledge crammed into one book, Hughes’ passion and dedication to the beauty industry sines through as she aims to deconstruct and simplify common concerns and questions. 


Lisa Eldridge – Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, £22.99, Waterstones

With previous clients including Kiera Knightley, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum and Penélope Cruz just to name a few, Lisa Eldridge is a highly respected and renowned international celebrity makeup artist. In her insightful book, she looks back at the origins and history of makeup, picking out the most iconic products of all time and how they’ve gradually adapted through time until the modern day. 


Dr Anjali Mahto – The Skincare Bible, £14.99, Foyles

Struggling with acne, oily skin or redness? In an area of beauty that can often become confusing, Dr Anjali Mahto offers a variety of tips, tricks and expert insight into giving your skin the love and care it deserves without fads to make your skin the very best it can be. 

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