Everything I learned from a £10 skincare analysis at Murad, and how to book yours now

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You can find clinical skincare brand Murad tucked away in Birmingham Bullring’s Debenhams, where you’ll receive your tailor-made consultation and relaxing facial treatment, all for just £10 (limited time only).

Whether you’re obsessed with updating your skincare products to find the perfect regime for you, or you’re simply just curious about what goes on under the surface, the Murad consultation and facial is a useful and informative service that allows you to understand the skin you’re in, and fix any potential issues that could arise in the future. 

Founded by dermatologist and pharmacist Dr. Howard Murad, the brand delivers skin wellness through a unique science of water, continuing to innovate formulas so the products, like your skin, just keep getting better.

After a few quick questions with the skincare specialist, you’ll be able to see deep under the skin’s surface by having your photo taken on the YouthCam – an impressive piece of technology that takes high-definition pictures to analyse the skin, enabling you to see your face like you’ve never seen it before.

Although it may initially feel like a somewhat daunting idea to see skin completely exposed, this is a process designed to highlight problem areas and suggest products which target specific areas, allowing you to address skin concerns. The YouthCam picks out wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, inflammation and pores, and the Murad skin specialist will talk you through potential causes, which could be anything from dehydration to sun exposure. 

Personally, I was lucky enough to receive small percentages for the majority of skin areas tested, meaning there was no major concern, however after recent periods of sun exposure (attempting to get a bit of a tan during this UK heatwave) it was clear that pigmentation was something I need to keep an eye on. Like a lot of people, I enjoy getting out in the sun, I love the idea of having a nice glow and I’ll happily embrace the freckles that gradually appear on my nose. But, I don’t like the thought of damaging my skin in the process. 

Despite wearing SPF daily in my BB cream, I’m now very aware that more care needs to be taken in order to protect my skin from premature aging and permanent damage. As a result of this, I was recommended the Vitamin C range. First of all I recieved a deep double cleanse, something I’m advised is a crucial step of the daily routine, but one that is often ignored and following this, a range of personalised products were applied to my skin, including the Toner, Eye Cream and Intensive Skin Peel; the peel was left on my skin in order for the Glycolic Acid to work deep into the skin, which was rehydrated afterwards with a Moisturiser.

There’s also the Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum, which can be used twice daily, and is proven to reduce hyperpigmentation in just one week. The reason why this product is different, is down to the groundbreaking NHP-3 Technology which contains Niacinamide, Hexylresorcinol and Plankton Extract. Whilst Niacinamide enhances cell turnover, Hexylresorcinol reduces the appearance of fine lines and Plankton Extract visibly dissolves dark spots over time.

Immediately after the facial my skin appeared visibly hydrated and rejuvenated, and I was shown my own personalised routine, how to use it and when. Naturally, I felt way more relaxed, and ready to return to work feeling refreshed.

This treatment takes less than an hour and for something you can do in your lunchtime, it’s well worth £10 – and this is then redeemable on product! Not only will you discover parts of your skin you’ve perhaps never even considered, you’ll also come away with a personalised skincare plan, meaning you’ll never have to waste money on the wrong skincare products again.

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