Five reasons why you should clean your make-up brushes

Suffering from a random spot break out? Your dirty make-up brushes could be to blame. Did you know you should be cleaning your make-up brushes at least once every two weeks?

We’re all guilty of neglecting our brushes, but not cleaning them can lead to a host of skin issues, and can ultimately ruin your brushes. It’s pretty simple, if you don’t want to be stuck with acne and blemishes, give your brushes a good old clean. Imagine using the same cutlery every day and not washing it, you wouldn’t dream of doing so. Well, the bacteria collected on your brushes can be just as bad.

Flawless make-up application starts with a clean brush, so to give you that much-needed kick in the right direction here are the top five reasons scrubbing your make-up brushes should be an essential part of your beauty regime.

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1. Prevent a break-out

Whenever you use your make-up brushes they are collecting everything that is on your face from old make-up  to anything else that’s clinging to your skin. Every time you use a dirty brush you are wiping this all over your face. So it’s no surprise this bacteria clogs your pores and irritates your skin, which can all be prevented if you wash your brushes.

2. Your brushes won’t function correctly

How is a buffing brush meant to buff anything into your skin if it’s clogged with old make-up? Do your brushes a favour and bring them back to life with a good clean. You will notice a world of difference with how your brushes work once their de-clogged.

3. Smoother application

Struggling to spread products evenly on your face? No-one likes patchy uneven foundation and dirty brushes prevent a smooth application of make-up on your skin. Avoid this make-up disaster with regular cleaning.

4. Longer lasting brushes

If you’re anything like us then your make-up brushes are a very important investment in your cosmetics bag. Cleaning the brushes preserves them meaning they will last longer and you won’t have to spend any unnecessary money replacing them – instead you can spend those pennies on a new make-up item.

5. Keep colours clear

Is there anything worse than wanting to apply a light eyeshadow colour but find your brush is covered with the build-up of dark colours? Whether you’re after a natural look or a smokey eye how are you supposed to achieve your desired look with old make-up caked on your brushes?

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What we recommend

Don’t splash out on expensive brush cleaners these cheaper household products will do the job just as well

(L-R) Dove hand wash, £2.30, Boots, Sanex hypoallergenic shower gel, £3.00, Wilko, Johnson’s baby shampoo, £2.99, Superdrug

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To bring you brushes back to their former glory you need to make sure you’re cleaning them correctly. If you don’t own a cleansing pallet – which we seriously suggest you invest in – simply cleanse your brushes by moving them in a circular motion in the palm of your hard. To avoid damage to your brushes, dry them upside down to allow all the excess to drain out.

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Real Techniques must-haves for cleaning your brushes

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