Gucci launches luxury alchemy-inspired fragrance collection

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Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele reimagines the path of transformation from lead into gold with seven new eaux de parfum, four oils, three acque profumate and a candle.

Carefully crafted by Alessandro Michele himself, alongside expert perfumer Alberto Morillas, each gender-neutral scent contains a hero ingredient: Oud, Amber, Violet, Iris, Mimosa, Rose and Woods, which can then be layered with acque profumate to lighten and freshen or oils to add depth.

Each singular scent works beautifully alone, but to create an individual statement scent, the collection has been designed to become customisable and transformative when layered in a multitude of combinations to construct a unique sillage – the amount the perfume lingers in the air when it’s worn.

From the intense florals of ‘A Song for the Rose’ to the deep woody oud of ‘The Voice of the Snake’, each of the seven versatile fragrances is linked to the memories of Alessandro to reflect his own stories and bring others back to certain points in their life:

“It was fun to work like old perfumery experts, with scents and essences like alchemy, and to tell the story of atmospheres, spells, almost the idea that smelling or having that perfume transports to a time, which sometimes is a struggle to remember but it is a smell immediately leads to life experience”

With vintage-inspired bottles of different colours ranging from black to white to green and blue (inspired by a bottle in Alessandro’s mother’s bathroom), they’re a fine addition to your dressing table, intended to encourage a pleasurable and luxurious perfume application.

The Alchemist’s Garden collection will be available in-store at Harvey Nichols Birmingham this month.

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