Hydrafacials: The skincare treatment that everyone’s talking about

You’ve probably heard of Hydrafacials, but what are they? And why are they so popular?

The Hydrafacial (also known as hydradermabrasion) is a relatively quick skincare treatment that involves a handheld ‘vacuum-like’ device which gently and painlessly removes impurities from the pores. As far as facials go, this is the full works. It does a little bit of everything, from deep cleansing to exfoliating, whilst generally improving the overall appearance of your skin.

There are quite a few steps to the Hydrafacial treatment, including detox, exfoliation, brightening, extraction, hydration and rejuvenation – all performed in around half an hour, and it’s worth pointing out that although it’s satisfying to watch as the impurities leave your skin, it isn’t conventionally relaxing.

To find out what all the fuss was about, I booked in at Skin HQ in the Jewellery Quarter, which offers a variety of different Hydrafacial treatments targeted at different concerns, from acne scarring to anti-ageing. I opted for the express treatment, which is ideal if you’re somebody who’s always on the go, and I was in and out within the hour.

I’ve never suffered with problematic skin, and apart from the odd hormonal breakout, I’ve always been lucky enough to have a clear complexion. However, I’m always willing to try something new, and the thought of removing a layer of dead skin cells to reveal brand new skin was just too appealing and left me feeling curious. 

All the facials I’ve had in the past have been relatively similar, but this was a completely different experience. The handheld ‘vortex’ device was gently pushed across my skin, working as a mini-vacuum to remove impurities whilst circulating vitamin-infused water back into the pores. It’s completely painless, suitable for all skin types and can be specifically tailored to your own concerns. Each step has a different purpose, and my personal favourite was the blackhead extraction, which was targeted on the t-zone and nose area to reduce congestion and leave it smooth and flawless. 

After no time at all, the treatment was over and upon checking my skin in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to find glowing skin with visibly reduced blackheads. There’s no downtime required at all from this treatment, and aside from some slight redness that disappears in a few minutes, I was pleasantly surprised to find my whole complexion completely refreshed and noticeably brighter, not to mention it was soft to the touch.

For best results, it’s recommended by Skin HQ that you book in for a course of six treatments. However, if you’re just looking for a quick pick-me-up, it’s well worth trying out, and one facial will cost you £99, but keep your eyes out for regular offers and deals.  To find out more about Hydrafacials at Skin HQ in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, click here.

Like the sound of Hydrafacials? If you’re feeling experimental, we’ve got a few more treatments for you to try…

Oxygen facial, £70, Flint+Flint 

As well as flushing out harmful bacteria and reducing fine lines on the surface of the skin, the oxygen facial penetrates deep into the pores to stimulate collagen production, leaving you with natural firmer, clear skin. 

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell ‘Bee Sting’ facial, £67, Harvey Nichols Birmingham 

This ultra relaxing facial has been specially created with a host of natural and organic ingredients – including the potent bee venom – and is designed to increase collagen and reduce sun damage and pigmentation. Combined with Deborah’s own massage techniques, it gives an instant anti-aging effect.

Active facial peel, £75, Malmaison

This highly-effective facial peel will remove dead skin cells to give your face a whole new lease of life. And to finish it off in the most relaxing way, Rose Quartz Crystals will be applied to the face to calm skin and leave you feeling naturally refreshed. 

Dermaroller, £109, Skin HQ

One of the harsher facial treatments to consider, the derma roller is an effective method for the removal of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Microneedles will be brushed over the skin to create tiny punctures, allowing it to re-heal with a brand new layer that’s healthier and fresher.

Featured image credit: d’Alba

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