Maximise the Space in Your Suitcase

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Here are the products that make the most of your luggage allowance

No matter how big that 20kg luggage allowance sounds, it’s never big enough when staring into the abyss of our bulging wardrobes with only 5 hours before your flight leaves. You don’t want to be scrabbling around on the airport floor, stuffing dresses into your hand luggage under the icy stare of the check-in attendant (again). It’s time to buy those cute minis and multifunctional products to truly maximise the space in your suitcase.

Benefit, Do the Hoola, £28.50

No woman can possibly pack all of her makeup, so streamline your collection with Benefit’s Do the Hoola kit, containing hoola bronzing powder mini, dew the hoola liquid bronze mini, benebalm hydrating tinted lip balm mini, they’re real! mascara mini in black and hoola ultra plush lip gloss mini. This group of minis lets you become a bronzed beach babe from day one of your holiday.

Lush, Lemon Sherbert Showder, £12.50

Avoid the weight of gigantic bottles of shower gel and opt for Lush’s new Lemon Sherbert showder. Wet a handful of this zesty powder and watch the Sicilian lemon oil and gardenia extract mixture foam for an energising shower that’ll stave off your jet-lag.

Lucy Bee, Extra Virgin Organic Raw Fair Trade Coconut Oil, £6.50

Conditioner, moisturiser, hair serum, facial cleanser and make-up wipes are essential, but often cause your case to overflow. Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Raw Fair Trade Coconut Oil functions as all of these products in one! Extracted from the meat of matured coconuts, this is the ultimate multifunctional product and suitcase space saver.

Lush, Braziliant Shampoo Bar, £5

Whilst you can’t beat having a dip in the pool or sea, it means you have to face the rigmarole of daily hair-washing. Fortunately, you can leave your two litre shampoo bottle at home and grab Lush’s Brazilliant Shampoo Bar instead. Lather up in your hands or rub the bar straight onto your hair, and let Andiroba oil and organic oranges moisturise and give shine, nourishing dried out locks.

bareMinerals, Prime Time BB Primer Cream Daily Defense SPF30, £23.00

Forget packing foundation, facial moisturizer and primer, bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer Cream Daily Defense SPF30 is all of these products in one. Available in fair, light, medium and tan, this product protects skin from the sun and prepares the skin for makeup, so you’re ready for the beach or the bar.

New Look, Navy Paisley Print Bandana, £2.99

If you don’t have space for an oversized floppy hat, pack a bandana instead to protect yourself from the sun and accessorize at the same time. Fold the bandana into a long strip and wrap around your head to shield your forehead and hairline from the sun or tie around your bag for a customised look.

Cowshed, Moody Cow Perfume Oil Roll On, £18.00

This 10ml Moody Cow Perfume Roll On will leave you smelling of rose geranium, magnolia and frankincense. Apply to the pulse points to relax into that holiday frame of mind knowing your heavy perfume bottle is safely at home.

Now you’re packed and ready for your holiday and who knows what else. You might even find yourself having a holiday romance with one of your new products, but if not, you’ll definitely avoid those excess luggage charges.

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