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Picture the scene: you wake up late and remember that you’ve not only got another busy day in the office but you’re also heading out for drinks with the girls later on. With a jam-packed day ahead, when exactly are you supposed to get ready, in between answering emails and walking your beloved pooch?

Fear not, ladies… blow LTD has arrived in Birmingham and it’s everything you could have hoped for.

Known as the ‘Uber of the beauty world’, blow LTD is pretty much as simple as it sounds. Set up by entrepreneur Dharmash Mistry and former editor of ELLE and Grazia, Fiona McIntosh, back in 2013 the app has been making waves (reference to the awesome ‘beach blow’ from the ‘Fast Beauty To Go’ menu) in London, and now it’s our turn.

The concept is easy; you download the app and, a few taps of your screen later, you’re kicking back whilst waiting for your hair, makeup or nail stylist to turn up at your door.

The convenience of it almost blows us away (see what we did there?!), as you can get your hands on appointments from 7 am until late every single day. Whether you need it on demand or have booked in advance, you choose either from the ‘Fast Beauty To Go’ menu or select the ‘bespoke’ option and choose whatever you want.

Almost too good to be true, we put blow LTD to the test as we sent the gorgeous Luisa Hackney – stylist and vlogger – to test out ‘a day in the life of a blow dry.’

Getting the day off to the perfect start, Luisa booked her hair stylist and makeup artist to her stylish city centre abode but you can technically book them anywhere; a hotel, the office, and anywhere else you might need a spruce up.

A day in the office will always put your look to the test; whether it’s dried out air con or blustery open windows, surviving a day at your desk can be a challenge.

Just as well the team of experienced blow LTD stylists have always got your back, and they arrive with a bag packed full of products to make sure you’re ‘set’ for the day. To get Luisa’s look just right, hair stylist Catherine began with Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique, which repairs and protects the hair before blow drying.

To perfect the ‘Luxe Blow’ – a 40-minute styling from blow LTD’s the ‘Fast Beauty To Go’ menu – Catherine completed Luisa’s stunning look with Kerastase Elixir Ultime Cheveux Abimes. Forever sold out (but back in stock at so buy, buy, buy!), this is the all-rounder that you need; it can be applied before and after styling, as a pre-wash treatment or even for intensive conditioning. The list is endless.

To ensure she really looked the part in the office, Luisa’s MUA Nikki created a gorgeous day look, teaming subtle nudes with show-stopping highlighter that screamed “I’m-a-girl-boss-and-I-got-this”.

I don’t know if you’re anything like us, but this on-off-summer we’re having at the moment is playing havoc with our complexion. The muggy walk to meetings and over air conditioned buildings is creating what can only be described as a sweaty face, and we don’t like it. However, Nikki had some sort of magic touch in the makeup arena; not only creating a stunning face ready for the day but one that stayed put.

We’ve all been there when you finish a hard day at work and all you want to do is put your feet up, but life has other plans. With her blow dry intact after an eight-hour office stint, Luisa took her luxe blow to the park to walk her beloved Chow Chow. Now, there’s nothing like putting hairspray to the test than a dog on a mission and Hugo certainly knows how to run rings around Luisa on their daily walks.

Despite the blustering winds, the Kérastase creation remained intact and, somehow, Luisa headed home with Hugo looking just as great as she did when she left the house, with only a few windswept strands.

A quick turnaround and Luisa was back out the door to meet her girlfriends for a good gossip and a cocktail. Some extra eyeliner added to her already perfect makeup look and took her from day to night in only a way that a magazine can achieve.

The subject around the cocktails… boys and blow-dries of course! And Ella and Emma couldn’t wait to hear all about how Luisa’s 7 am start with Catherine and Nikki from blow LTD had remained intact after a busy day of bossing life.

Proof that the blow LTD stylists know exactly how to ensure you survive whatever lays ahead for you! This is definitely proof that blow LTD only selects the best in the business, with all of their beauty professionals rigorously skills tested and vetted before they’re signed up. It turns out that only 10% of professionals who apply are actually invited to join the platform, which results in the best-looking beauty services possible.

We can see why it’s the UK’s largest and fastest growing  ‘on demand’  beauty services company. Here’s hoping that the success they’ve had in London sees even more services added; down south they’ve gone from ‘event ready’ blow dries, make-up artists, and nail technicians, to maintenance and well-being services like massages, waxing, and even yoga… providing a one-stop-platform for all of your needs.

Check it out for yourself – download the ‘blow LTD.’ app in the App Store or Google Play, and visit to find out more.

Thank yous: Staying Cool for providing a gorgeous apartment, EAST VILLAGE. PR as the office backdrop and providing models for our cocktail scene, The Alchemist for shaking said cocktails and creating the party atmosphere, Luisa Hackney and, of course, the gorgeous Instagram star, Hugo The Chow Chow.

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