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From subtle playful notes to strong citrus scents. Rose Gallagher is back with her top fragrance picks that will keep you feeling fresh all spring

Words: Rose Gallagher

Last summer, I spent the afternoon with perfume designer Azzi Glasser at Vogue House. She reminisced on a life long love of fragrance with me, sharing stories and anecdotes behind some of the most iconic fragrances of all time.

Although the beauty world is saturated with clever marketing techniques, when it comes to fragrance Azzi likes to match a scent to a personality. With this in mind, I wanted to share a few fragrances that I wear frequently and who I picture them to be perfect for.

Jo Loves, Mango Thai Lime, 50ml, £70, 

A sweet citrus scent, this is my favourite from the Jo Loves collection. Despite sitting as a fresh and pretty fragrance, the citrus notes (lime, for me, is the real punch in this) give it a powerful quality. Sickly sweet with a hidden sharpness, this would sit wonderfully on a lady who embraces her femininity and who knows her own mind.

Lancôme, Oud Bouquet, 100ml, £170, Selfridges

A strong and heady concoction, Oud Bouquet is not for the faint hearted. Comprised of notes from woods gathered across three continents, this has a seamless power that has no clear beginning or end and gradually encompasses those who smell it. Though intense, this scent is incredibly warm with notes of honey and rose. It’s the fragrance of a strong and loving woman who causes everyone to watch when she enters a room.

Twisted Iris by Aziz, 30ml, £95, Harvey Nichols

An earthy, playful fragrance, this smells bohemian and carefree to me. Notes of fig and moss make this a grounding fragrance, but elements of violet and jasmine keep it pretty and feminine. One of my all time favourites, this is the scent of a girl having too much fun at one with nature to care about whether her clothes are getting dirty.

Atelier Cologne, Silver Iris Absolue, £145, 100ml, John Lewis 

One of the most bizarre fragrances in my collection, I have to be in a particular mood to wear Silver Iris. When I first tried this I hated it, and then as time went on the peculiarity of it was the very thing that drew me to it. A sharp, cold fragrance, this is something I turn to when I really need to make an impact. There is something about the blend of silver, pink pepper and blackcurrant that makes me stand taller and takes away any soft edges. This, to me, is balls in a bottle.

YSL, Le Vestiaire Saharienne, 125ml, £205, 

I’m drawn to various fragrances, in particular anything strong or – quite the contrary – anything citrusy. So when Saharienne hit me, I realised how lucky I was to have found both in one fragrance. Despite the zesty accords of pink pepper, neroli and bergamot, a subtle warmth from jasmine and musk wanders through this fragrance, giving it mystery and stature. A lady who doesn’t want to overpower with her scent but wants something elegant and sexy would love this fragrance.

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