This medispa is bringing the best-kept beauty secrets to Birmingham

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Ever wondered how celebrities achieve a youthful glow, toned skin, and increased energy levels? From skin tightening facials to an energy-boosting IV drip, here are a few of our favourite A-list treatments…


1. BR Facials

Using special techniques to prepare, stimulate and oxygenate the skin, the Biologique Recherche’s sculpting movement is rumoured to be a favourite with the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg and Kim Kardashian.


2. Microneedling

A treatment reportedly loved by Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts, microneedling delivers a direct hit of intense vitamins and minerals to the lower layers of the skin with tiny needles, helping to reduce acne scars and stretch marks.


3. Reduce

Tone your stomach, thighs, hips, and bum without having to step foot on a treadmill. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Using non-surgical body contouring technology, the treatment breaks down fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.


4. Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’re a waxer or a shaver, nobody particularly likes tackling unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal allows you to achieve long-lasting, pain-free results in just a few sessions and with advancing technology, darker skin tones and fairer hair can now reap the benefits.


5. Drip and Chill™

Combat everything from stress and depleted energy levels to the common cold and hangovers with the Drip and Chill™ Lounge, prescribing a bespoke IV Drip Infusion – this is a treatment said to be popular with Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna. The Made in Chelsea stars love it too!


All treatments are available at the new EF Medispa Edgbaston. Click here to find out more!

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