Six gorgeous scents to suit every woman

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Most women have a signature scent they use which perfectly personifies who they are. From delicate sweet scents to strong and dominating fragrances, there is something for every woman. Don’t worry if you haven’t found yours yet, we’ve found some lovely options that you can try.

The One – Dolce & Gabbana  

For those who adore floral scents, Dolce and Gabbana’s The One is perfect. The fragrance combines fruity notes of peach and mandarine combined madonna lily and vanilla. The fragrance is designed to embody the woman who is both unique and strong. If you want a long-lasting scent that is feminine yet very chic, definitely invest on this one.


Dolce and Gabbana, The One, £65, Debenhams

Classique – Jean Paul Gaultier 

In a sleek feminine silhouette bottle, Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Classique’ is simply stunning. Both bold and seductive, this scent is perfect for those who want to capture the room. Classique oozes a gorgeous delicate rose scent with hints of vanilla and sandalwood. If you want something quite daring but sweet this is perfect.


Jean Paul Gaultier, Classique,£51, Boots

Black Opium – YSL

Calling all rock chicks, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is perfect for you. This fragrance has been so popular this year due of the variety of editions the brand offers. With a playful mix of black coffee and orange blossom, this scent embodies mystery and edginess. If you are looking for something warm and flowery Black Opium is a great choice.


Yves Saint Laurent, Black Opium, £47, The perfume shop

Breath of Gold – Lush

For those who are in to more intense and distinctive aromas, head to Lush to try its Breath of God gorilla perfume. A combination of dark and light and masculine and feminine, this perfume will adapt differently depending on each person. Breath of God features hints of lemon, rose and amber musk notes, creating a very refreshing effect.


Breath of God, £54, Lush

Viva La Glam – Juicy Couture 

For all fashionistas who love a girly perfume, Juicy Couture’s Viva La Glam is the one for you. Decorated with a pink bow and adorned with charms, this perfume is sweet and preppy. The fragrance boasts a lovely variety of scents including mixed berries, vanilla and jasmine. If you want to infuse a touch of glam into your life, definitely try this.


Juicy Couture, Viva La Glam, £37, Boots

Si, Giorgio Armani

Finally, for a truly elegant and sophisticated perfume, Armani’s Si is a must-have. Si captivates and lingers beautifully with Sicilian Bergamot and Egyptian jasmine notes. Both intense and delicate, Si offers a long-lasting scent that will surely receive plenty of compliments. For those who want an unforgettable perfume, Si is the perfect match for you.


Giorgio Armani Si, £44.44, John Lewis


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