Alice Levine: ‘Radio 1 is a Dream Job’

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Alice Levine talks exclusively to Style Birmingham about pre-show nerves and the Radio 1 Christmas party

If asked to name our favourite Radio 1 DJ, then Alice Levine would definitely be up there. She’s funny, talented, stylish and works a vintage look like no other. Heck, she even got Michael Fassbender to rap live Warren G’s ‘Regulate’ live on air! So who better to give us the low-down on behind the scenes of Radio 1 and the perfect party Christmas playlist.

On Coping With Pre-Show Nerves

‘OMG I feel nervous on every show! The only thing that has to be really tight is when you have to go into the news. I always joke that my legs go cold when I have to do it because I’m concentrating so much I panic that I’m going to miss it! And that still happens now even after three years so I don’t know if that will ever go.’

On Her Favourite Celebrity Interview

‘It’s a toss-up between Jake Gyllenhaal and Elijah Wood because they were such good fun. Jake was great and, how do I put this to sound professional; he’s not hard on the eye! I could actually imagine going to the pub with Elijah and hanging out for the evening and it being really fun.’

On Radio 1 Pals

‘My producer Kate and I are like two peas in a pod, she’s brilliant. Scott Mills and I have a really similar sense of humour and we always have a good giggle. We’ve been trying to arrange to go for dinner since I started at Radio 1 so about three and a half years. One day it will happen.’

On The Radio 1 Christmas Party

On the same day as the Christmas party we have our photos taken for the year to go on a ‘big class of 2015’. It’s exactly like school photo day. We all stand in a queue and pass the comb round and wear our best clothes that our mum has picked out for us and we all have a really awkward picture taken. So that’s how the party starts and then we all get sloshed.

On Her Perfect Party Playlist

I’d really love to say some really cool remixes but I just got sent the Kylie Christmas album so I’m thinking I’m just going to go cheesy this year. It’s what the people want! They don’t want some too cool for school DJ. I’m going to go all out cheese!

The full interview with Alice Levine in issue 47 is out now and online

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