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Ever wondered where the fashion insiders go to cause us such travel envy? In the last post of our travel series, fashion blogger Lizzy Hadfield shares her favourite summer hotspot


Where will you be going on holiday this year? 

My favourite place is Italy. I visit twice a year to a little Italian city called Tropea. Tropea is a true Italian city, built on a cliff surrounded by blue seas, it is a real gem of Italy and a popular holiday destinations for Italians living in other regions. I am lucky enough to visit so often as my Uncle Luigi lives there, so I have been visiting since I was just 7 months old!

What do you like to do there?

My favourite things to do in Italy all revolve around food (of course!). Eat long meals with one too many courses, sit and enjoy a coffee for an hour rather than drink on the go and watch the world go by in cafés. I become quintessentially Italian – it is so very relaxing!


What will you pack?

One thing I cannot go anywhere without is Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and it is even more of a necessity in the sun! Any burnt skin or chapped lips just need a good covering of Eight Hour Cream to really add moisture again. Another essential is nail varnish, I find it can chip so easily on the beach and in the sea, so I take along one colour to patch up any chipped nails and keep my pedicure perfect. This year my choice will be Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’, a gorgeous blue grey that is a great summer colour. I’ll also be taking my Triangl Swimwear bikini – it is black which is typical of my style, but the material and fit is just so perfect! And it’s a great one to lay out in the sun in – I am all for crazy shaped swimwear, but the tan lines aren’t the best!

Where do you like to go to relax?

Other than the beach, my favourite place to hang out is the lovely bars and cafés on the corsa (which is the main street in the city). Every evening the ‘passeggiata’ will occur on the corsa, where people walk in groups up and down the street for about an hour. It’s an Italian tradition which mostly younger people take part in with the hope of catching someones eye, it’s all about seeing people and also being seen – and it makes for some fantastic people watching!


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