Diamond Education 101: Choosing the Perfect Shape

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If you and your partner are shopping for a ring together then you should consider what shape the stone should be before you make your purchase…

First, get to know the different shapes available. Contrary to what you might have heard, there’s no such thing as a ‘traditional engagement ring’. There are, in fact, almost a dozen shapes for you to choose from. There are a number of helpful guides available, telling you everything you need to know about diamonds, but in short, you can choose from round, emerald, pear, oval, heart, trillion, princess, asscher, radiant, cushion and marquise shaped diamonds.

Then, consider what kind of style suits the wearer best. The shape of the diamond is important: it’s one of the most immediately noticeable aspects of an engagement ring’s design and could be the difference between a ring that’s kept in a box or worn every day. Classic, versatile and goes with everything, the round diamond is a safe choice and never goes out of fashion. Alternatively, the marquise diamond is elegant, French in origin and will elongate and slim the wearer’s finger. A princess diamond might suit modern, contemporary brides who like to stand out from the crowd in a way that’s understated and refined, whereas an emerald shape speaks of vintage glamour and Hollywood charm. Essentially, the shape of the diamond ought to reflect the wearer’s taste and style!

Give some thought to your budget. Round diamonds are in high demand, cost more to manufacture and therefore will cost you more than a pear shaped diamond, for example. Alternatively, a marquise or oval diamond can enable you to achieve great measurements per carat than a round diamond, meaning you might need to spend less to achieve the effect you’re after. While there are more factors than the shape of a diamond that cause a ring’s value to fluctuate (such as carat, clarity and colour), the shape you choose will play a part in the amount you spend overall.

Finally, don’t forget to consider what the wearer’s lifestyle is like. When you’re searching for an engagement ring, one thing you need to consider is how well it fits with a person’s lifestyle. For instance, if the individual intending to wear it enjoys active sports (such as rock climbing, weight lifting or mountain biking for example), or has an active job (such as being a Police Officer), then you should factor these things into the shape of the diamond you choose.

Shapes with sharp points and corners such as heart shaped diamonds, pear and marquise styles might not be particularly practical: there’s more risk of them catching on clothing and equipment and therefore might be best avoided! Rounded, smoother shapes such as round or oval diamonds will keep the engagement ring in tip top condition and will fit with an active woman’s lifestyle very well.

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