Why the dungaree is the new jean for 2016

Dungarees have been around a long time, you were probably wearing miniature versions of the style as a toddler, repping 2016 trends way before they were cool. But there has been a resurgence in the trend this year with many styles of the dungaree available to pick up and pull on every day.

For older generations, the term dungaree might cause some confusion as some would use it to refer to jeans themselves but we’re talking about the comfy, bib oDungarees_topshopverall style with buckles to hold everything in place, type of dungaree. But why are they the new jean for 2016?
Well, it’s safe to say dungarees haven’t always had the style rep they have now. In fact, some people still aren’t sure about wearing them, likening them to painting overalls or associating them with hippy art teachers, pregnant women or the yellow minions from Despicable Me.
But dungarees and pinafores offer an extra level of comfort that jeans don’t, they are usually roomier (although there are actually plenty of skinny fit styles on the high street now) which means you don’t need to undo that top button after a marathon pizza eating session and there’s no constricting when you bend over.

Dungarees are also available in more materials than just denim; jersey material dungarees, for example, are popular this year in slouch fits, perfect for wearing when running errands at the weekend or just lazing around the house. Corduroy has also made a recent resurgence and dungarees featuring patches are also proving popular, as we embrace all things 90s again, and are great casual pieces being donned by alternative bloggers and the like.
Dungarees are on par with jeans when it comes to design though. Mainly because denim isn’t limited in terms of prints and styles, and dungarees are usually cut from this material. From acid wash to overbleached to even printed designs, for both dungarees and jeans your options are endless.

The style works on any age, race, gender… much like jeans, it isn’t limited by any one of those things. They can be dressed up or down, worn with your favourite pair of heels or your comfiest trainers and can be styled for almost any occasion. The likes of Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo have been rocking their dungarees for a couple of years now, and it’s time everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Dungarees are definitely an extension of your favourite pair of jeans. They’re a more alternative look that also allows you to rock the crop tops in your wardrobe more often, as the bib graciously hides any belly button you may be exposing. The dungaree could be considered the new jean for 2016, overtaking the playsuit and jumpsuit trend which escalated a few years ago and has stuck around since.

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