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Style and comfort for every woman, Solihull’s newest independent boutique Sipsey Lingerie makes finding your perfect bra a breeze

There’s no denying the power of well-fitting underwear. It can make you look slender, feel sexier and be more confident. But finding the perfect fit for your shape is no mean feat.  In fact, 7/10 women are wearing the wrong bra size, and we can all empathise with the pain of ill-fitting underwear, but Sipsey Lingerie are eager to change that.  The brainchild of Sukhy Nijjar, after a decade of investment banking and the sudden loss of her father, decided to follow her passion and make the leap from banking to business. ‘I had always wanted my own business; coming from a family with a business background, it was in my blood.  I booked myself onto some lingerie, fitting and retail courses. I loved it from the start and travelled to Paris and learnt about the industry.  Six months later I opened my doors in Solihull!’

The independent boutique opened last year on Drury Lane, Solihull and their experts have over 15 years of fitting experience. Their goal? To educate women about the importance of well-fitting lingerie. They specialise in fitting, so whether you are looking for your perfect everyday bra or a specialist mastectomy or maternity style, you know you’re in very safe hands. Sipsey are also very particular about the brands they stock, choosing only well established, high quality and ethical brands such as Chantelle, a French brand that produce hand crafted, lingerie which can take up to 18 months to create.

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[title maintitle=”Find The Right Size” subtitle=”Sukhy’s guide to discovering your body’s best bra”]

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How to know if you’re wearing the wrong size …

  • Your band strap will ride up your back and you will find yourself constantly adjusting it
  • The underwire and straps will dig into your skin, sides and ribs, causing redness, irritation, soreness and/or pain
  • Your breasts may spill out of the cups causing a sort of double breast effect
  • In worst-case scenarios, you may be experiencing back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

Consider your body shape

We are all very different, not only in shape but also in body types. No two breasts are the same, one is always larger than the other and at Sipsey we assess all of this when fitting you.

Get fitted regularly

You body is a phenomenal thing. It is constantly changing and for this reason you should get fitted every 6 months or as soon as you feel a change in your body.

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