How to build an autumn wardrobe straight off the high street

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Summer is coming to an end, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

We can say farewell to festival FOMO and eat those beach bodies away. It’s time to relax and go for oh-so-wholesome walks through the crunchy red leaves while Snapchatting our steaming takeway cups…

And yes, I know they’re basic as hell, but I like spiced lattes, ok? What could be better than a coffee that tastes like gingerbread? For most of the year I drink my coffee black and without sugar, like the world-weary writer that I am, but something about the changing colour of the leaves gets me hankering for something with syrup and spice and an entire day’s worth of calories.

I just like being cosy. Which is why autumn is my favourite style season, with its coats and scarves and slouchy jumpers. Here are my autumn fashion essentials — and while I’m talking from a male perspective here, honestly, anyone would look good in these.

Leather jackets

Seriously, do these things ever go out of style? I always feel snug as a bug in autumn, strolling through town in a pastel hoodie under my Zara biker. Black and brown are timeless, but if you want to stand out a little, try red.


The most autumnal of all colours, the camel coat has become a ubiquitous wardrobe staple, dressed up with a suit or down with trainers. This year, expect camel suits and sweaters to become more popular too.


Rollneck sweaters aren’t just for Steve Jobs and pretentious French beatniks, you know. The return of the turtleneck started a couple of years ago, and if you haven’t embraced it yet, now is the time. They’re flattering as hell and look slick with a suit if you want to serve some Milk Tray Man realness.


I love wool and I will not apologise for it. Maybe you’re a classy guy who loves a fine merino cable knit, or perhaps you prefer vanishing into an oversized fishermen’s sweater. You do you. You’ll look great either way.


I’ve felt like a fusty, old fashioned, Rupert Giles-esque character since I was about 16, so I’m thrilled that the high street is finally catching up with my dream aesthetic. Corduroy suits are touted to be a big deal this autumn. Or simply do as I do, and pair some cords with a blazer for that English professor lewk.


And finally, that last pleasure that comes with a new season… an excuse to buy a new pair of boots to see you through the winter. After living in loafers all summer, it’s time to step up your footwear game for autumn. Timbs are still a classic, as are Doc Martens. Or if you’re more into trainers, you can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit and a flash of colour on your feet.

Just so long as we’re all agreed that we’re against Chelsea boots. They’re over. They’re cancelled. Somebody please inform Noel Fielding.

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