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Pixie Lott talks exclusively to us about Breakfast at Tiffany’s, swapping shopping for house hunting and her dream wedding

She conquered the charts and became a staple of our Saturday night TV — all while never putting a fashion foot wrong. Singer-songwriter, dancer and now star of the stage, no wonder she is always chirpy. Our editor Elle Sixsmith interviews the endearing (and all round lovely) performer for Style Birmingham issue 48.

Pixie has ‘literally just rushed back’ to her apartment in Leicester to speak to me during a gap in her schedule in between rehearsals. Lucky me. She’s currently wearing black Versace jeans, an American Apparel bomber jacket and … ‘these bunny trainers from Minna Parikka – they are like the little trainers with these little ears and a little tail!’ she says sounding completely smitten. If she’s trying to convince me that she’s anything other than her sugar-sweet pop princess persona then she’s failing miserably. But the fact is, she’s not trying to convince me of anything. She’s just being Pixie, as I find out later on.

Photograph: Uli Weber
Photograph: Uli Weber

We’re here to talk about her debut play, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which will be touring between March and June and is another string to her already extensive bow – singer-songwriter, dancer, model, fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur (she launched her range of pastel hair colour in October) just to name a few. But this isn’t her first venture into the acting world, she is an Italia Conti-trained actress after all. As a teenager, she appeared in the West End musicals Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Sound of Music.

‘I did lots of acting at school and it was something that I really enjoyed but I’ve never done anything like this before and there are so many lines to learn. I love all sorts of performing and I always want to be as rounded a performer as possible,’ she says in her distinct husky voice with an unmistakable Essex twang. Whilst she’s a high-flying performer and a bonafide singer-songwriter, I admire her desire to branch out and it’s another smart career strategy on her part – you certainly couldn’t call her a one trick pony. She’s clearly twigged that the key to career longevity is to diversify.

Another bold career move was taking part in the 12th series of Strictly Come Dancing, and it certainly paid off. Despite being one of the favourites to win (the odds were a favourable 15/8) after her triumphant ‘waltz-a-thon’, she was knocked out in a shock exit at the quarter-finals.

A controversial result that left Saturday night viewers dumbfounded and Twitter in uproar. Many put it down to Pixie’s prior dance experience which left her victim to the ‘she could already dance’ gripe or perhaps it was the illegal (but impressive) lifts in her routine with pro partner Trent Whiddon.

But which has been the biggest challenge for her so far? ‘I think they’re quite equal (Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Strictly) because I’m so used to singing and being myself that both of them were out of my comfort zone. What I’m doing now is amazing because you get a live audience and just going out there and being on stage is my favourite thing. Strictly was with a live audience but it’s not like you’re in a theatre, it’s a different feeling.’

Read the full interview in issue 48 – out now and online stylebham.com/magazine/

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