Statement Shoes for the Birmingham Man

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Do you want to know what the leading trends for men’s shoes are this season? It’s time to step out in style this autumn/winter with a quick guide on what you should be wearing as you venture into the city.

Gentlemen, lend me your feet; it’s time to address the top shoe trends to step out in this autumn/winter. Even though practicality is paramount in any man’s wardrobe, sometimes it pays to be slightly frivolous with an impractical pair of loafers for that added oomph on an evening jaunt to the city. So let go of your inhibitions and ideas about total practicality, and follow closely as I go through this autumn’s must-have shoe trends to sink your feet into, as well as where you can attain these marvels around this fair city of Birmingham.

If you’re not a fan of the Seventies then please look away now, for the decade is making a triumphant return to the shoe industry. This season the designs on the high street are good enough for the glam rock gods of this world to stride in. From brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Jeffery West, there’s a pair out there to suit any contemporary pocket and signature style. Personally, I think it would be foolish not to go wild and pull on some seriously lavish boots that Elton John would be jealous of; however, I do understand that some of you men prefer to give a slight nod to the current trends by either adopting the colour or shape, therefore, please feel free to choose a pair that speaks your particular style tongue.

As I mentioned in the introduction, it doesn’t look like styled slippers are going anywhere this autumn or winter. Myself, I would choose a statement pair and wear them with an understated outfit that is all black, however, if you wish to really get into the early Christmas spirit then add some complimenting accessories.

Bigger is better with the next autumn shoe trend. The soles of shoes are way chunkier than usual – however not to the 90s extreme.  Whether you prefer lace-ups or loafers make sure you opt for a shoe with a thick sole to elevate your style status. You’ll also notice that the detailing and embellishments on these shoes follow the trend, with huge buckles and zips that go on forever. We briefly saw this trend during the summer months, but now they’re marching on to the Birmingham high street in full regimental force.

The key point to take away from this article is to make a statement with your shoe. Gone are the boring brogues and desert boots, if you want to make a style statement in the city, make sure you’re feet don’t get overlooked. Yes, practicality is paramount and I’m not saying you should throw out all of your investments, I’m simply urging you to step out of your comfort zone and make a statement. After all, who wants to blend into the crowd? 

Words: James Tissiman

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