The Stylish Yet Functional Accessories You Need This Summer

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Summer is here and when temperatures start to soar we can finally put our winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe, and rather than moan that we’re never going to get a summer, we can start complaining that we’re too hot.

While you may have stocked up on swimming trunks, vests, shorts and t-shirts – like these stylish on-trend ones from 11 Degrees – for the coming months and your yearly escape to a beach in the Mediterranean, have you considered how you’re going to complete your outfit?

It isn’t just girls who can finish their outfit off with accessories – but boys, while you want to be stylish you also want to be functional.

The Bag 

A bag can compliment any outfit, but it’s also handy for keeping your keys, purse, phone safe – ultimately a bag is the best place to store all the extra summer accessories that just won’t fit in your pockets. There are so many styles to choose from – you may want to go for the backpack, like this Khaki Canvas from Topman, or perhaps you’re more of a man bag kind of guy.

Khaki Canvas Backpack, £25.00, Topman

The Watch

Boys don’t tend to wear as much jewellery as girls, do they? There are, of course, stylish bracelets and necklaces that you can get to finish off your summer look. But if you’re after a functional accessory then you want to go for a watch.

The functional side of this is pretty obvious; it tells you the time – ensuring you aren’t late for any of those summer parties. But you also want a watch that gets noticed and adds to your outfit and at the same time is durable and functional.

Many come with chargeable straps now, so you may want to get one of those so you can match it to any outfit, but if you want to keep it traditional, this Unknown watch could be just what you need.

UNKNOWN Urban Marble Leather Watch, £80.00


The Hat 

A hat is a very functional accessory – particularly in the summer. It will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your scalp from burning in those places you can’t reach with the sun cream. Hats are also perfect for many occasions – from a day on the beach with friends to a summer BBQ with colleagues. Choose the right hat and it could be the centrepiece of your outfit.

The Sunglasses

Just like a hat, sunglasses are the perfect accessory during the summers months. Firstly, they protect your eyes from the sun- but they also add compound to your summer outfit. You want to choose a pair that compliments your face shape because this can completely change the whole look of your outfit.

The Lightweight Shoes 

We know that shoes protect our feet from the ground, especially when it’s extra hot in the summer – we wouldn’t leave the house without them, would we? But in summer you want a lightweight pair that enables your feet to stay cool – in both senses of the word. There are so many styles and designs that you can that mean you can choose the ones that best suit you.

Accessories are the perfect way to finish off any outfit, but they can also be incredibly functional too!



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