The Clothes Show Live at Bullring

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Ah, Birmingham. Not a day goes by where something isn’t popping up in city. Last weekend it was the turn of the fashion gods, Clothes Show Live

Words by: Ayla Yoncaci

The outside of Debenhams, Bullring, was barely recognizable, as it had been transformed into an Autumnal rooftop garden. That is, with the added benefit of Lambrini on tap!

Walking up to the event, I spied Liam Lunniss spotting potential candidates within the audience for the model masterclass. A range of ages was selected and they began to strut their stuff. A little nervously at first – who can blame them, the whole of the Bullring was watching – but with Liam’s encouragement and words of advice soon had them oozing a confident swagger. “Shoulders up! Eyes up! Focus your gaze!” The winner was picked and they received the biggest goody bag. I had a sneaky peak inside and the prizes were incredible – I’m talking a plethora of makeup brushes, makeup goodies, false eyelashes and more!

To distract me from my envy, celebrity stylist Kalee Hewlett walked on stage to start off the main event. The first catwalk show was the Bohemia trend, and Kalee pointed out some of the essentials for creating this look – fringing, oversized capes and autumnal colours. She noted that oversized could be difficult for some body shapes such as the lovely hourglass, so she advised us to show off our waists using a small waist belt.

The next trend was Dark Victorian. Common here was dark, lacey numbers. Kalee was quick to note that layering different textures was essential here as was accessorising appropriately. If you’re shy of wearing black, one of the models was sporting an unusual teal and blue mix which surprisingly worked really well.

The third trend was titled Red Alert, and I’d like you to guess what the focus of this trend was! Naturally, all the models were wearing red and each wore something very different so that all ages could identify with this look. The first was a “little red dress” which would be perfect for younger audiences, right through to my favourite, a classic tailored burgundy look which would work in your wardrobe throughout future decades!

The final trend was the Be Bold look. I’ll be the first to admit, this look isn’t for everyone as you need some serious style confidence to pull this off. Geometric shapes, coloured tights and print clashing was key here, but Kalee showed off a simpler number from Oasis which was perfect for those shyer types.

Each of the looks had been sourced from high street stores such as Topshop, River Island, Oasis and Debenhams so they could easily be recreated within the Bullring! That is, if the items haven’t already sold out! I’d be quick if I were you…

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