Are tiny sunglasses really a fashion trend?

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It’s the 90s craze that seems to have swept the nation, seen on the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and a host of other Hollywood A-listers. But where did these tiny accessories originally come from?

The Cast of Friends (1995)

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Let’s take it back to 1995, when the hit sitcom Friends was only in its second season, chokers necklaces were everywhere and double denim was completely acceptable. Whilst these trends seem to have come back around, it was around this era that tiny first sunglasses made an appearance.

Carrie Anne Moss (1999)

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A couple of years later and Trinity in The Matrix, played by Carrie Anne Moss, was rocking head to toe leather and some killer shades like the badass she is.

Britney Spears (1999)

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By 1999, tiny sunglasses were well and truly integrated into popular culture, with everyone’s favourite American sweetheart Britney sporting the small plastic accessory pretty much everywhere, from red carpet appearances to sports events.

Anastasia (2000)

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The undisputed queen of the sunglasses, Anastasia was rocking tinted shades in 2000. She may have experimented with different shapes, styles and sizes but it was always her small rose-tinted shades that were her most iconic look.

Dwayne Johnson (2001)

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An unlikely style icon, Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) embraced the California sunshine in a pair of edgy blue tinted glasses to compliment his casual knit jumper. Personally, we still love this look.

Rihanna (2017)

Fast-forward 16 years and international style-icon Rihanna steps out in a pair, meaning they’re now officially on trend. Combined with her dark denim co-ord, it seems the 90s are back and better than ever.

Bella Hadid (2018)

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'91 Vivienne Westwood😍

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Keeping it in the Hollywood bubble, superstar model Bella Hadid looks effortlessly chic in some all-black super slim glasses just a few weeks ago.

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