The best Birmingham dessert parlours to cool down in the heatwave

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As temperatures continue to soar across the UK, many of us are spending our days dreaming of ice lollies, so why not try something more adventurous and head out to one of Birmingham’s many dessert parlours instead?

These days, restaurants have to be ‘Instagrammable’ to catch the attention of foodies and this is where independent retailers have stepped in. Dessert parlours across the city have created everything from waffles with bucketloads of vibrant fruit to show-stopping sundaes towering with goodies for you to enjoy when the sun’s out.


Artisan is run by Brummie Ali Imdad, who appeared on The Great British Bake Off in 2013. Ali serves up a range of cakes, waffles, and sundaes, but he also offers a selection of signature dishes, perfectly seasoned for Mary Berry’s tastebuds. His showstopper dish is ‘The Rose Court” – a pastry tart filled with rose and lychee creme patisserie, topped with chocolate sauce, fresh raspberries, chantilly cream, rose coulis and a raspberry macaroon to top it off! 

Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge 

Just across from Moor Street Station, Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge is a New York style cafe. You can enjoy a delicious treat in a stylish space, which is perfect for a group outing or an indulgent solo trip.

Expect ‘heavenly puddings’ and ‘devilish desserts.’ Vegans are welcome, too, as they have a range of dairy free options available. Of course, there’s classic New York cheesecake on the menu, as well as more sophisticated options, such as raspberry and chia seed verrine and vegan beetroot cake. 

Rub Smokehouse 

If spectacle is what you’re after, look no further than Rub Smokehouse for desserts that are packed full of fun. 

You can try inventive creations such as a candy floss burrito or the “51st State”, a sweet stack including doughnuts, an eclair, and even bacon! The Rub Smokehouse waffle sandwich is a blast from the past. It’s topped with vintage confectionary such as parma violets and love hearts, instantly transporting you back to your childhood. 

Paradice Gelateria 

Paradice Gelateria, located in Harborne, serves up classic Italian gelato using only the best ingredients. Co-founder Bipin loves ‘putting together flavours that really shouldn’t work (but that really, really do).’ That’s why you’ll see gelato options such as banana and kiwi, or orange and grapes, alongside classics like the knickerbocker glory. 

Why not try their Affogato – a double espresso poured over ice cream – which comes in several flavours, like Baileys and Amoretto.

Icestone Gelateria 

Although Icestone Gelateria might be a chain, with stores across the UK, this doesn’t mean that they compromise on quality. Expect stylish surroundings and an extensive menu of tasty treats and in particular, you should check out its ISG Creations. There’s a strawberry cheesecake gelato, topped with digestive biscuits and fresh fruit, or a Kinder Bueno feast. If you’re feeling nostalgic, there’s a ‘Back To School’ option – think jam roly poly and cake with custard. 

Heavenly Desserts 

Luxury desserts and a sophisticated setting combine for an excellent eating experience at Heavenly Desserts. Located in the heart of Birmingham’s famous Balti Triangle, a refined menu of high quality dishes can be enjoyed surrounded by glittering chandeliers. 

Heavenly Desserts serves a range of food to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Also on offer are chai milkshakes, iced tea, and refreshing iced coffees. If you’re not feeling venturing out into the heat, they’re also available on Deliveroo. 

Eis Cafe 

Eis Cafe made headlines after it started offering ‘The Legend’ – a milkshake made with Nutella, cookie dough, ice cream, cream, waffles, and doughnuts – which amounts to 2,000 calories and eight day’s worth of sugar. We obviously advise that you don’t tackle this beast alone, but with a few friends you can polish off this tasty treat with ease. 

You can also try a pizcookie (yes, that’s pizza with cookies) or a red velvet frappuchino. If you’re looking for something less calorific, Eis sell delicious smoothies and fruit juices too. 

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