10 instacats to follow on International Cat Day

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Instagram models affecting your self-esteem? Follow these fluffy accounts to boost your wellbeing.


Beverly was found living in the wheel well of a car, but now she’s happily settled with Neil and Jeff in their apartment on the Lower East Side. Forget the superstitions, this black cat seems pretty lucky!


Zelda is one curious kitty, and judging from those wide expressive eyes, she is either deeply excited or perturbed by what she sees.


Lewis and Ruthie are a pair of ginger tabbies just living their best lives.


Bruno is a Maine coon who knows how to give some serious face. Lily is a cutie too.


The indignant, smushy little faces of Niko and Poko will brighten any day. Especially when their human decides to dress them up…


I’m not sure that Lyo is so much a cat as a Steven Universe character. Those bright blue eyes look like they have seen the secrets of the cosmos.


Look at those fangs! This cat clearly moonlights as a werewolf. Or maybe a vampire.


Keimi and Momo were adopted from San Francisco SPCA and have been best friends ever since. Keimi is also a budding vlogger, with his own series of review videos. Check out his book review of ‘Moby Dick’.


Be right back, just crying over how I’ll never be as photogenic as Smoothie.


Not to be dramatic or anything, but I would take a bullet for Bone Bone. He is a magnificent, noble, floofy beast from Thailand who won’t go anywhere without his backpack, and I love him. Seriously. Just look at him.

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A legend.

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An icon.

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