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Feel-good comic Luisa Omielan became a global success with her debut show ‘What would Beyoncé Do?’ and now she’s back at Glee Club with her latest empowering manifesto ‘Am I Right Ladies!?’ and bringing her signature sass…

Women love my show; they say it should be on the curriculum for their children. The reaction has been really positive. I crowd funded a DVD of my show and my audiences paid for it so I think that speaks for itself in terms of how much people like it.

I think it’s important to be honest in comedy and personally, that’s what I’ve always found funny. I don’t think there are any topics that are off-limits. If the jokes aren’t authentic, it can just come across as crass and it doesn’t seem genuine and that’s when you run into problems. I talk about body image, mental health, sexual health, which are all important and relevant to not just women but everyone.

Photo credit: Rachel King
Photo credit: Rachel King

Millions of people on Facebook have seen my thigh-gap joke, so quite a lot of people have seen me in my knickers. It all started when I hosted a show called Musical Bingo and one night I was wearing Spanx under my dress and I said to the audience, ‘guys I can’t breath I’ve got these stupid Spanx on’ and then I’d show them to the audience and they all found it hilarious. Then I did a gig in America and moments before I went on stage, my agent told me that Sarah Silverman’s manager had seen me and said that I was too fat and didn’t have enough jokes. I went on stage and said, ‘so apparently America, I’m too fat for you lot’ and I pulled my trousers down and they loved it.

Anything female focused on TV takes a back seat and I think the industry is capable of alienating a lot of really excellent acts with the hoops they make people jump through. There are lots of brilliant female comics on the circuit and some really exciting voices coming through that should get a platform. We’ve just got to find a way to break through.

Luisa Omielan is performing ‘Am I Right Ladies?” Xmas Special on December 22 at Glee Club Birmingham. For tickets, visit Glee Club

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