4DX Experience Heading to Cineworld

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Film lovers, prepare for something really special, Cineworld is bringing a complete new viewing experience to its cinema on Broad Street

Cineworld is set to introduce the 4DX experience to its customers, an exclusive, revolutionary, cinematic experience that will stimulate all five senses – sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Launching in October, the 4DX will take a regular trip to the cinema to a whole new level. The spectacular auditorium houses 156 specially designed high-tech motion seats, plus other spectacular special effects that will transport you to another atmosphere; think wind, fog, lightening, bubbles, water and a variety of scents.

The fully immersive experience will be available when viewing both 2D and 3D movies and will work in synch with the action shown on the screen, which is bigger than a double decker bus, giving you the most exhilarating cinema experience yet; you can be sure you’ve never seen a movie like this ever before!

The launch of the brand new 4DX viewing comes following a successful introduction in 2015. 

Hollywood Studios have already adopted the double award winning technology with over 300 recent blockbusters being produced to be screened with 4DX, such as Suicide Squad, Independence Day: Resurgence, and the highly anticipated Doctor Strange.

Paul Millington, General Manager at Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street said

There’s nothing like the 4DX experience this area and it’s totally exclusive to Cineworld. We cannot wait to see customers’ reactions when they try out our amazing sensory cinema experience.

The 4DX auditorium will be open at Cineworld on Broad Street from the 21st October, so make sure you head down to try out this mind-blowing new cinema experience! 

Words by Molly Davies

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