5 Extreme Adventures to Experience in 2017

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Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie through and through or are left terrified at the thought of bungee jumping, you may be looking for some thrill-seeking adventures to tick off your bucket list this year.

The team at TravelSupermarket.com have pulled together a rather impressive – albeit slightly intimidating – list of the most extreme adventures that you could take on across the globe!

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The World’s Fastest Zip Line | North Wales, UK | £60

Credit: zipworld.co.uk

Not only is this zip line the fastest in the world, it’s also the longest in Europe. Located in North Wales Zip World Velocity you can soar a whopping 498ft above Penrhyn Slate Quarry reaching speeds of 100mph!

Click here to find out more about Zip World Velocity!

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Scad Diving at Orlando Tour | South Africa | £20

Credit: orlandotowers.co.za

You may be wondering what on earth Scad Diving is, well, let me enlighten you – it’s bungee jumping done backwards without the strings attached. So if you fancy taking the leap of faith, you can freefall over 50m into the world’s highest SCAD freefall reaching speeds of up to 100km/h.

Click here to discover more about Scad Diving at Orlando Tower
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Travel America in the World’s Toughest Cycle Race | West USA | £1,541

Credit: raceacrossamerica.org

If you ever fancy seeing the best of what the West of the States has to offer, then this is the way to do it. The only catch – you have to cycle 3,000 miles in 12 days in order to do it. You’ll pass through 12 states starting off in Oceanside, California finishing in Annapolis, Maryland.

Up for the challenge? Click here to find out more
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Swing 120m above a gorge | Victoria Falls, South Africa | £70

Credit: experiencezimbabwe.com

Suspended 120m above the gorge, you’ll take the ultimate jump on the 95m swing, freefalling into the gorge until the rope kicks in. Certainly not an experience for the faint-hearted but the adrenaline junkies will love it!

Take the plunge. Click here to find out more!
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Whizz along the Steepest Rollercoaster in the Alps | Mieders, Austria | £8

Credit: tyrol.com

Because nothing sounds more thrilling than Whizzing down the side of the Alps in a tiny metal toboggan. The cheapest experience, which costs just £8 – will rush you down the track at speeds of up to 42kph, taking in 40 hairpin bends and dropping down 640 metres!

Are you brave enough? Book your adventure here!

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