5 shows you need to watch if you love Killing Eve

The award-winning drama Killing Eve is back on our screens, and quite frankly, we couldn’t be more excited!

But what happens when we reach the final episode and we’re left with a huge void and wondering what on earth to watch next? Luckily here at Style, we all love a box-set or two, so we’ve pulled together a bunch of our favourite drama/thrillers for you to binge on when you’ve got a big Eve and Villanelle-shaped hole in your lives.

The Society | Netflix

If there’s one thing that Netflix does really well, it’s teen dramas. The Society dropped a few weeks ago, and unsurprisingly, we’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

When a group of school teens are forced to head back home to their hometown of West Ham when a storm cancels their trip, they arrive home to find that everyone has disappeared and huge forests are blocking every possible exit.

After realising they’re alone and have full run of the town, they celebrate the only way they know how – a huge party. But after the realisation kicks in that they have no internet and no ability to contact anyone outside of the town, they begin to panic when they learn that they have to fend for themselves.

In a bid to survive while they try to discover where and how they’ve got stuck, they begin to form a new society with new rules and it’s not long before certain politics begin to cause clashes in the community.

The show has been compared to a modernised version of Lord of the Flies and with 10 episodes at around an hour a piece, it makes for a seriously good weekend binge session.

The Innocents | Netflix

Speaking of teen dramas, The Innocents is yet another Netflix original that had us shook right to our very core. If weird and wonderful with plenty of twists and turns is your kind of thing, then say hello to your new addition – for eight episodes at least.

When June and Harry decide to go on the run from their parents, they find that everything isn’t quite what it seems when they discover that June is a shape-shifter. The only problem is, she has no idea how to control it and she’s being hunted down by not only her family, but others who are desperate to find out more about her powers.

They can’t trust anyone who they meet and are desperate to find a way to control June’s powers before it becomes too late.

The Night Manager | BBC

Starring Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Coleman and Hugh Laurie, The Night Manager first aired on the BBC back in 2016, and rumour has it another series is on the cards.

When former British soldier turned luxury hotel night manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) ends up in possession of some confidential documents regarding illegal weapon trades, he turns them into the International Enforcement Agency.

A few years pass and Pine’s recruited by Angela Burr (Coleman), an intelligence officer who’s investigating Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie), a corrupt businessman who has ties with the secret arms trade. But while he’s trying to keep his feelings for Roper’s girlfriend at bay, Pine also has to keep part of the operation secret from parts of the intelligence agency.

You’ve got plenty of time to catch up on season one, and in the meantime, we’ll all keep our fingers crossed that what we’ve heard on the grapevine about a second series is actually true.

What/If | Netflix

What’s this ANOTHER Netflix Original? This time it’s in the shape of Renée Zellweger, who’s wealthy character Anne Montgomery, a venture capitalist, has written a book called At Any Cost. And when she takes interest in a medical start-up owned by scientist Lisa Ruiz Donovan, she makes her an investment offer of $22million.

The only catch is, she wants to spend the night with Lisa’s husband, Sean and if either of them breathe a word of the affair, then Lisa will loose her investment money and Anne will take over her company for good.

With more twists and turns than you could ever see coming, What/If see’s Zellweger take her acting skills way past her comedic rom-com roles, as she’s stepping into the shoes of a businesswoman who simply doesn’t take no for an answer.

YOU | Netflix

Brace yourselves, as it’s about to get creepy. When Netflix released its TV adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ pyscho-thriller/drama novel YOU, viewers lost their minds a little bit… mostly because they were seriously thirsting over the show’s main character, played by Penn Badgley – you know, Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl?

In case you haven’t had a chance to watch this seriously creepy show, let us fill you in. It follows the life of Joe Goldberg (Badgley), a book store manager in New York who meets a woman named Beck. Before he knows it, Joe’s become obsessed with her; he Googles her name, finds her address, her family members, where she went to school – you name it, Creepy Joe’s found it.

After winning Beck over with his dreamy charm and outstanding jaw-line, their relationship starts to enter turbulent waters as Beck’s friends and family slowly begin to suspect that Joe isn’t quite who he appears to be on the outside.

We binged the entire series of this seriously intense show in a matter of days, simply because we were so hooked on each and every episode that we couldn’t bring ourselves to exit our Netflix accounts. Series two is due for release later this year, so get watching!

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