Album Review: Tom Odell ‘Wrong Crowd’

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Tom Odell’s ‘Wrong Crowd’ was released on June 10th, and is a success in my eyes. Cast your mind back to the ‘Another Love’ single off his debut album, Long Way Down – the powerful lyrics, strong voice and incredible harmonies. Well, Tom Odell has only got better.

The title track completely sets the scene for the entire album. Starting off with a sombre, moody feel, the pace gradually builds into a stunning chorus. The track blends together elements of the piano, synthesizers, guitars and more. This track for me seemed to be a true indicator of the album as a whole – a unique mix of moody and upbeat sounds, with Odell’s powerful voice and lyrics shining through.

The first half or so of the album is definitely my favourite. Songs like Magnetised, Sparrow and Still Getting Used To Being On My Own are massive powerful anthems, which I can definitely picture being belted from the lungs of hundreds of people at V festival. However, tracks like Concrete, Constellations and Jealousy are much more heartfelt and lulling, with the focus definitely being on Odell’s spectacular voice and touching, clever lyrics.

If I had to pick some favourites (which I assure you is very tricky), I’d go for Concrete and Daddy. Concrete is a deeply passionate and moving song, with amazing lyrics. The song is heartfelt and meaningful, yet still climaxes into an almighty chorus. Daddy is very different to anything else on this album, which is probably why I love it so much. The song is much more rock-inspired, with thumping guitars and tuneful riffs. It’s almost quite Muse-esque, and reaches a tremendous climax, with shrieking guitars and Odell’s unbelievably strong voice powering through.

For me personally, I felt that the album crumbled towards the end. With the exception of I Thought I Knew What Love Was, the last four or five songs didn’t excite me at all really. I felt that they were very mediocre and didn’t contain many of the elements that made the first handful of songs so brilliant. The album is 15 songs long and I definitely feel that Tom Odell could have scrapped a few, and the album would definitely have been better overall.

Tom Odell’s ‘Wrong Crowd’ is a very good album and I really enjoyed listening to it. Make sure you catch him at V Festival this Summer – and he’s also playing the O2 Academy in Birmingham on the 12th November!

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