The Best Summer Beach Reads

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From holiday romances, to moving and unforgettable stories, these are the books to squeeze into your suitcase…

Words: Becky Weaver

Eligible Eligible

£11.99, Waterstones

Sisters Liz and Jane leave New York and return to their family home in Cincinnati to get their parents and three sisters back on track. But all too soon things become too much for Liz and Jane when old patterns return and the sisters are berated for their single status. But everything soon changes when they meet Chip and Darcy at a BBQ. Will their newly blossomed romances leave a bitter taste in their mouths?  

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My Map of YouMy Map of You 2

£7.99, Foyles

Holly Wright has had a tough few years. Following the death of her mother, she’s become an expert at keeping her distance from people. Yet when Holly receives a rather unexpected letter explaining that her aunt that she has never met has left her a house of the Greek Island of Zakinthos, the walls that she built to keep people away begin to crumble. After arriving on the island, Holly begins to uncover the truth about the secret which tore her family apart. 

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The Book of MemoryThe Book of Memory

£14.99, Waterstones

Memory is an albino woman languishing in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, Zimbabwe, where she has been convicted of murder. As part of her appeal, her lawyer asks her to write down what happened exactly as she remembers it, and as the death penalty is a mandatory sentence for murder, Memory finds herself writing for her life. As her story unfolds, Memory reveals that she has been tried and convicted for the murder of her adopted fatther, Lloyd Hendricks, but did everything happen exactly as she remembered it? 

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The Second Love of My LifeThe Second Love

£7.99, WHSmith

In the Cornish town of Taltring, everyone is famous for something and until recently, Rose was known for many things, including her devotion to her childhood sweetheart Lucas. But two years ago everything changed for Rose, now she is known for being the young woman who became a widow at 24. Although Rose knows that life must go on, she can’t bear the thought of carving a new future for herself, that is until newcomer Robert walks into her life. Can Rose allow herself the chance to love again?

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