Big Glee Club Giveaway

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The multi-award winning Glee comedy club is ensuring a laughter-packed summer by handing out 1000 tickets, completely free!

The #BigGleeGiveaway kicks off on Monday 6 June and continues until Monday 11 July 2016.

For six weeks, the club will reveal a series of presently secret locations- anywhere from local cafes and supermarkets to major high street stores around the city-where eager comedy fans can grab their freebies.

The locations of the free tickets will be announced on the venue’s website every Monday morning at 10am and via social media using the hashtag #BigGleeGiveaway. Eager-eyed punters can then dash to the named locations for a chance to pick up a prize.

The coming months see a host of great acts appearing at the multi-award-winning comedy venue, including TV’s Joel Dommett (Skins, Bring The Noise), Canadian Mike Wilmot, Irish comedy superstar Al Porter, and five-piece The Noise Next Door.

In addition to grabbing free tickets to see some of the best comedians performing in the UK today, lucky ticket-holders will also stand a chance of winning other goodies, including free beer and food.

Tom Hunt, The Glee’s Marketing Director said:

The #BigGleeGiveaway is our way of introducing people to comedy and spectacular live entertainment. We also hope that those who’ve experienced The Glee before will go out and grab their chance to enjoy a show on us this summer, free of charge.

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