Books to Fill Your Autumn Nights

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As the darker nights begin to creep in, so do the darker novels. Here are the thrilling books that we recommend you pick up this autumn

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Alcoholic divorcee Rachel Watson commutes to work every day and fantasises about a young couple she regularly sees. One morning, Rachel sees something that pulls her close to the couple than she could have ever dreamt. Unable to keep quiet, Rachel goes to the police, but is she really as unreliable as everyone says?

Paula Hawkins’ psychological thriller was published last year and has been hailed by critics. Next month, the The Girl On The Train is being released as a film starring Emily Blunt. Due to be released next month, so you still have plenty time to read this incredibly thrilling novel before it hits the big screen.

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The Last Act of Love by Cathy Rentzenbrink 

This book is one of personal tragedy, unconditional love, and saying goodbye. In 1990 Cathy’s brother was involved in a car accident so severe that he suffered permanent head injuries. It’s a truly heartbreaking and thought provoking story that resonates with anyone who has loved and lost. It asks questions about family, honesty and whether prolonging someones live is more painful than just saying goodbye.

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The Swimming Pool by Louise Candlish 

Looking back retrospectively at the dramatic events of the summer, Candlish takes us on a journey of new friendships, trust and betrayal. A brand new novel for 2016, The Swimming Pool has a sliding timeline and twisting plot that will keep fans of thrillers glued to the pages and guessing throughout. As Lovereads Book of the Month, we’re positive that you won’t be disappointed with this read.

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Words by Laura Bradnick

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