Carluccio’s launches new menu with a new dining experience

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Brindleyplace’s Carluccio’s has relaunched with a stunning new menu and a dining experience like no other.

Brindleyplace is one of the most popular places to wine and dine in the city, with a prime location next to Barclaycard arena and the much-loved Gas Street Basin, it makes the perfect spot for al fresco dining in the summer and date nights in the winter.

Carluccio’s reopened its doors on Wednesday after undergoing a half a million pound makeover; it’s now looking fresher, inviting and is a great place to head to for a quick bite to eat after a busy day in the office, or pick up some delicious ingredients to cook up your own Italian feast at home from the deli counter.

The refurbishment has brought a new relaxed atmosphere to Carluccio’s. The light decor complements the furniture, which accents of brass fixtures, fresh herbs and mixed-level lighting creating a laid-back dining environment.

Alongside the Italian restaurant’s refurbishment comes a brand new menu, which celebrates the best that the Sicilian coast has to offer. We headed to give Carluccio’s latest dishes a test run, where we were treated to a delicious antipasto on our arrival, which had all been freshly prepared by the chefs in the restaurant’s new open-plan kitchen.

Founder of the popular chain restaurant, Antionio Carluccio has brought more than 50 changes to the menu. We started off with some Sicilian streetfood, Arancini; two crispy rice balls filled, one filled with buffalo mozzarella and the other with a provolone cheese and meat ragu, followed by a delicious Crab Macaroni.

Our personal favourite was the Italian classic Carbonara. Carluccio’s has put its own personal spin on the dish, replacing the pancetta with the addition of pig’s cheek, which added an incredible flavour to the rich pasta dish.

We then moved onto the Duck Pappardelle; a blend of slow-cooked pork, duck, pancetta and mushroom ragu, topped with garlic breadcrumbs. Pair it with a Briccotondo Babara and you won’t be disappointed.

We rounded off our meal with a sweet serving duo of desserts. A lemon tart which was packed with a zesty filling, a perfect palette cleanser, and a rich, warming chocolate & rum fudge cake.

Whilst both incredibly sweet, the powerful flavours were perfectly balanced with a delicate quenelle of mascarpone, which detracted ever so slightly from the sweetness and balanced out the flavours well.

But Carluccio’s isn’t just about the food any more, it can guarantee sunshine whilst you dine – even in this dull autumnal weather that we’re currently experiencing in the city. Carluccio’s wants its diners to have a fully immersive experience when they visit. With that in mind, it has introduced its #360feast, a virtual reality experience that will transport you to the stunning Sicilian coast for lunch with founder Anotonio.

Thousands of pairs of the glasses are being given away to diners to celebrate Carluccio’s menu change, so why don’t you take a trip to Brindleyplace give the new menu a try, and take a trip to the Italian coast whilst you’re there?

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