The Digital Detox: 5 apps to help you cut down on social media

You may find it hard to admit, but there’s a high chance that you’re addicted to your mobile phone – and you’re not alone.

Last year, the BBC revealed that the UK has never been more addicted to phones than it is now based on a survey lead by Deloitte. And whilst we may not think of it as an issue, the survey revealed that one in three adults checked their mobiles during the night and argued with their partners due to social media addiction. But fear not, we’re here to help you begin your social media detox.


Forest is one of the cooler detox apps on our list as it provides a challenge which will really test your ability to beat your social addition once and for all. Begin by planting a seed in a forest and watch it grow into a tree. However, it comes with a catch. Leave the app to play a game or check one of your social channels and your tree will begin to wither and die. The longer you spend away the more your forest will develop.

Download Forest here!

Moment – Screen Time Tracker

Giving up social media isn’t easy, trust us, we’ve tried it. But by starting off with small changes you’ll begin to slowly take yourself away from your phone. Moment is a great app to begin your social detox; available to iPhone users, it automatically tracks how much time you spend on your phone, iPad – or both – each day. Set yourself daily limits that will notify you when you go over, forcing yourself to put your phone down.

Download Moment here!


Ever wondered how many times a day you check your phone? Well, Checky is designed to make you aware of that exact problem. Whether you want to become more self-aware of the time you spend perusing through Facebook, break a gaming habit, or simply step back and become more productive, then this is the app for you.

Download Checky here!


If you’re really struggling to reduce your time on your phone then you need to download ( OFFTIME ). This nifty app is full of features that help you control the amount of time you’re spending with your eyes locked on your screen. Set and track time limits, keep note of your usage and access articles and tips to help you kick the habit.

Download ( OFFTIME ) here!


Struggling to break away from your phone for longer than five minutes? SPACE is designed to help you crack that nut once and for all. It works very similarly to the apps above, but it breaks down all of your data and information into an addiction score. It shows you everything from how frequently you unlock your screen, whilst logging your daily usage.

Download SPACE here!

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