Everything you need to know before watching Stranger Things 3

Welcome to the Stranger Things Binge Club. With less than Eleven days to go until the latest season of the Netflix sci-fi is back on our screens and even though the final trailer left us feeling a little creeped out, we’ve cleared our calendars so that we can sit and binge season three with a mountain of Eggos (if only the UK had them). After all, we’ve been waiting over a year and a half.

So we thought we’d catch you up to speed on the key things that happened on to each character so that you can go into the brand new series knowing that you’re all clued up.

You can also watch a season recap with the cast, here.


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Season one ended with Eleven (El) disappearing after defeating the Demogorgon and saving the boys from being its dinner and meeting the same fate as Barb (RIP). Mike’s left heartbroken of the thought of never seeing El again, but it turns out she survived in the Upside Down after all and Hopper was keeping her safely hidden in a cabin in the woods. Their relationship soon begins to turn sour though when Hopper refuses to let El leave, meaning she’s confined to the cabin with no hopes of seeing Mike, but it wasn’t long before she escaped.

It’s here that El discovered that she wasn’t the only strange kid around and found another psychic teen called Kali (Eight), who possessed the same powers. After finding her birth mother, she learns more about the experiments carried out on her and Kali before returning to Hawkins where she’s reunited with Mike and the rest of the gang to save the town from yet another near disaster that sees her close the gate to the Upside Down. Her ending to the series was a happy one though, as not only did she get to attend the Snow Ball with Mike, she also fixed her relationship with Hopper, who adopted her.


Credit: Netflix / Stranger Things

It’s almost cruel that we had to wait until the very last episode for Mike and El reunite, by which point our hearts had been shattered into a million pieces. Mike spends the whole series trying to find out what happened to El after she defeated the Demogorgon. Angry and frustrated, he takes his emotions out on new girl Max – we’ll get to her later – and accuses her of trying to take El’s place.

Throughout the series, we see Mike using his walkie-talkie in a desperate attempt to contact El, who can hear every call that he’s making but doesn’t have the ability to respond. Their reunion is pretty intense, as El decides to make an appearance once again when all of her pals are about to be killed by a Demodog. But after saving the universe the pair share a kiss at the Snow Ball and all’s well that ends well – sort of.


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Poor Will’s had a bit of a tough time after being sucked into the Upside Down and being possessed by the Mind Flyer. The last episode of series one ended with Will coughing up a black slug into his bathroom sink – gross – so despite being rescued by Hopper and Joyce, it seems that the last thing Will is, is back to normal.

Things take a bad turn when Will is once again possessed by the Mind Flyer, effectively becoming a ‘spy’ and allowing the monster to dig tunnels under a field of rotting pumpkins to bring the Upside Down into the normal world. After Will is hospitalised and sets a pack of Demogorgon of everyone working in Hawkins Lab, he’s taken to a safe place where Joyce, Hopper and Mike perform an exorcism to rid him free of the Mind Flyer.

Dustin & Lucas

Turns out none of these kids ever seem to get a break because this duo face everything from first girlfriends, to feuds and forming the most unlikely friendships. While Lucas is busy trying to work out his feelings for the new girl Max, Dustin ends up raising what turns out to be a baby Demogorgon, that he names Dart.

Following a dramatic scene where the Dustin, Steve, Lucas and Max end up luring an army of Demogorgons to a scrap yard, the group all begin to suspect that there is a seriously deep connection to the Upside Down when the Demogorgons all head off in the same direction. The series ends with Lucas and Max also sharing a kiss at the Snow Ball and Dustin gaining some hair and relationship advice that leads us onto our next chartacter


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Season two was an almighty turning point for bad boy Steve and his glorious hair. After being left slightly heartbroken when Nancy not only blames him for Barb’s death, but also admits that she never loved him, Steve ends up showing a softer side that see’s him evolve into a big brother for to all the kids – especially Dustin.

But Steve’s main problem throughout the season isn’t actually Demogorgons, but the dangerous rivalry that he forms against Max’s older step-brother Billy. The pair end up in a pretty heated fist fight during the last episode and we have a strong feeling their feud will be a big focus point in season three. Plus the infamous baseball bat from season one makes a reappearnce.

Nancy & Jonathan

Credit: Netflix / Stranger Things

After her drunken argument with Steve, Nancy joins forces with Jonathan, Will’s brother, where the pair embark on a mission to find out what happened to Barb. They have dinner with Barb’s parents, who believe she’s still alive, before deciding to target national newspapers to get to the bottom of the horrific situation that caused Barb’s death. And finally, after countless episodes, the pair end the series by becoming and item!

Joyce & Hopper

Will’s Mum Joyce and local cop Hopper are actually heavily involved in battling to Mind Flyer and the Upside Down. While Joyce is busy trying to work out why Will is drawing strange pictures that turn out to be the tunnels that are eventually discovered by Hopper.

The end of the season is was utterly heartbreaking for Joyce, as she watched her lovely boyfriend Bob be mauled to death by the pack of Demogorgons set upon them by Will and the Mind Flyer in the lab. But with lovely Bob now out of the picture, could romance be on the cards for this pair?

Max & Billy

Credit: Netflix / Stranger Things

With El on her adventures, new kid Max and her step-brother Billy turn up at Hawkins. And while Max is quickly accepted into the clan by Lucas and Dustin, Mike spends most of the series giving her the cold shoulder. Max’s turbulent relationship with Billy, who looks like he’s got a rather big part in season three, comes to the attention of Steve, leading to the fist fight back at the Buyers home. While both Dustin and Lucas fall head over heels for Max, it’s Lucas that wins her heart, which sees the pair attend the Snow Ball and share a kiss.

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