Experience Bingo with a Twist at The Rainbow Venues

A night unlike any other, The Rainbow Venues is preparing to welcome a rather chaotic version of a rather civilised game played across this world.

This Saturday the bonkers Bongo’s Bingo is landing at the venue. There is nothing quite like Bongo’s Bingo; a fun way to spend an evening out in the city with a difference, Bongo’s is a phenomenon which is spreading like wildfire across the UK.

This night will be sure to bring out your competitive side, with big cash prizes from cars – yes, actual cars – to Henry Hoovers you’d be mad to miss this event. Organiser Joshua Burke, said:

Bongo’s Bingo appeals to a huge variety of people who all absolutely love it, it’s right across the board in terms of who comes. It’s a crazy and unique atmosphere and has turned into a bit of a phenomenon.

Hosted by Jonny Bongo, who proudly holds the World Record for the biggest ever pub quiz, this is a game of bingo like you’ve never played before. By adding rave intervals, dance-offs and appearances from special guests including David Hasselhoff, The Vengaboys and S Club 7, this sedate British pastime has now been given a vibrantly new lease of life.

The event quite simply evening has to be seen to be believed. 

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