Experience Ryan Gander’s Night at the Museum at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Journey into a new world of art at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as it welcomes its latest exhibition Night in the Museum.

Curated by the leading British artist Ryan Gander, Night in the Museum offers a unique view of what might happen after hours when artworks are left alone. 

Gander has selected works from this world-class touring exhibition which blends both a collection of modern and contemporary British art, with pieces from artists including Birmingham-born Roger Hiorns, Jacob Epstein and Henry Moore. 

Figurative sculptures are presented in a way that they appear to be gaze at other works featuring the colour blue, a colour which is important to Ganders work. 

Night in the Museum also features additional works, including Jacob Epstein’s famous ‘Rock Drill’, as well as pieces from Sean Scully, Patrick Caulfield and Edgar Degas. 

Night in the Museum runs from November 26 – February 12. 

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