Festival essentials that will make your life that little bit easier

The days are longer, the temperatures are higher and you’ve finally been able to dig your sunglasses out of the bottom of that drawer. Festival season is upon us, so it’s worth considering these essentials.

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine, £55, Harvey Nichols

Sleep is rarely on the schedule when it comes to spending your weekend in a field filled with 150,000 other people and more musical acts than you can name. This portable espresso machine is the perfect antidote to a sleepless night, just fill up the tank with hot water, add a scoop of ground coffee and voila – a very civilised morning cup of coffee.

Lilac Sky Portable Charger, £25, Skinnydip London

Every group has that one friend that’s notorious for wandering off on a night out and if you’re thinking to yourself “my group doesn’t have that friend”, then it’s probably you. Make sure you don’t find yourself lost in a sea of people with a dead phone with this portable charger by Skinnydip London – it comes pre-charged and ready to use, so that’s one less thing to remember.

Ultrasun Face Tan Activator SPF30 50ml, £28, Marks and Spencer

The year is 2018 and you CAN have it all – this SPF30 sun cream is fast absorbing, moisturising, and best of all, it contains an innovative ingredient that boosts melanin production so you can enjoy the sun safe in the knowledge that you’re developing a glorious (and safe) tan.

Sunflower Deodorant, £5.45, Lush

Most major festivals won’t let you take glass in, so save yourself the heartbreak of seeing a security guard throw away your favourite bottle of perfume and get a solid deodorant like this one from Lush. This cruelty-free, vegan sunflower and citrus scented bar glides over skin for sweat protection all day and a great smell. Your tentmates will thank you.

Diamante Bum Bag, £26, Topshop

Your dad might not have stopped rocking these in the last twenty years, but bum bags are officially back in style for everyone else now too. They’re ideal for storing your little essentials and cash without having to obsessively pat your pockets every five minutes to make sure they’re still there.

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