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From friends and family to living in a city bursting with culture, Grand Central Birmingham customers told us exactly what makes them smile from ear to ear

Words: Andrew Riley

With the media seemingly focusing us all on impending doom: the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, Article 50, what’s, if’s and maybe’s, it was an absolute delight to be asked by the team at Grand Central Birmingham to go on a mission that could’ve potentially been ‘mission impossible’.

My task was to take a stroll around the shopping and dining hub to ask the people of Birmingham ‘what makes them happy?’ Quite a challenge you may think? Well, so did I.

At first, I approached the task with a little apprehension; would anyone even want to speak to me on a very gloomy Wednesday in the centre of Birmingham? Well, you’d be very surprised and by the end of the day I was in fact pleasantly fulfilled by a feeling of optimism and positivity.

It’s clear Birmingham really does have a huge amount of civic pride these days; people were easy to approach and happy to get involved with a multitude of answers ranging from spending time with friends and family, singing the praises of the city’s diverse culture and its ability to live in harmony, to its great places to eat, nightlife, shopping, and my personal favourite, a group of ladies having a ball at 10.45am on a Wednesday enjoying carafes of Prosecco at Frizzenti.

With its eclectic mix of shops, bars and restaurants at the heart of the city, Grand Central’s buzzing ambiance has given us all place to meet-up and is certainly a hive for happiness.

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