Five news stories that made us happy in 2018

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It’s not all doom and gloom!

A lot has happened this year, and almost all of it has been depressing, confusing or downright scary. We’re here to catch you up on the stuff that made us smile.

Channel 4’s search for a new home

Let’s kick off with something local. The race among the cities of the UK to become the new site for Channel 4’s headquarters was a fierce one, and nobody campaigned harder or more lovingly than the folk of Birmingham. And while we might not have won, the #WMGeneration hashtag (populated by people who are proud to live here) was a great reminder of just how much there is to love about our fair city.

The unbelievable tale of the Thai cave rescue

When 12 boys and their football coach became trapped in a cave in Chiang Rai, it felt like a story that could only end in tragedy. But against all odds, the group survived in the cave for two whole weeks thanks to a natural supply of drinkable water, while air rescue specialists and cave divers gathered from all over the world to help, ultimately resulting in a successful rescue of all thirteen missing young men. In the story’s most bizarre twist, tech billionaire Elon Musk offered to build a special submarine, but his suggestion was deemed unsuitable, prompting him to falsely accuse one of the rescuers of being a paedophile. (2018 was also the year that Elon Musk shot a sports car into space for reasons we don’t quite understand. We’re starting to worry about him.)

The Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan tied the knot while the rest of the world watched, but that was only one event in a big year of good news for the Royal Family. Princess Eugenie also got married to her long-term partner Jack Brooksbank, Will and Kate welcomed their third child Louis, and not long after their wedding Harry and Meghan announced that they are expecting their first baby!

Football almost came home

England finished fourth in the World Cup this summer, getting further in the competition than it had in a while and raising the hopes of the entire country. “It’s coming home” could be heard from Brighton to Blackpool, and although France took the trophy in the end, that doesn’t diminish the shared joy we all felt for a few months.

The Spice Girls announced a reunion

Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby are back to spice up your life! Posh has opted not to participate this time around, but that didn’t quell the excitement when it came to filling stadiums up and down the country; the Spice Girls reunion tour broke TicketMaster sales records, with long-time fans determined to get their hands on tickets.

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