Fleur East: A Force of Nature

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From The X Factor 2014 runner up (she was robbed!) to reaching international stardom with the catchiest song of 2015, this summer Fleur East has been bringing the party to various events across the country. We had a quick chat to see how she’s been doing…

I’ve visited so many countries and I’ve been to Mexico where people are singing to Sax – it just blows my mind. I couldn’t ask for anything better really. I just can’t wait to bring out another single this year. There’s so much variety on my album and a lot more sounds for people to hear. I’ve taken time to promote Sax in different countries but now I think it’s time for more music and people are hungry for something new.

I do feel nervous but I just turn it into adrenalin and get really hyped up to get on stage. I was so excited to see Sigala at the Ricoh Arena in May because they’ve just done a film with DJ Fresh who I’ve worked with for years. Tom Odell has an amazing voice too so I really want to hear him live.

I still introduce myself and people look at me like I’m an idiot. I don’t assume that people are going to know who I am; it’s quite funny and strange. I’m always in my own little world and I assume that they know me from school or university and then it clicks that they know my songs or they’ve watched the X Factor. I still haven’t adjusted to that but it’s nice meeting people and it’s been really positive. People always ask about coping with fame and I feel exactly the same. I know things have changed around me but within myself I feel the same.

There are a lot of people that I’d love to collaborate with but I really like Fifth Harmony, their song has grown on me a lot. I’ve met them a few times and their voices are incredible, so it could be fun to do something with them. 

A standout moment? Finding out that I was in third place on the charts. It was Adele, Justin … and then me.  I remember it being such tough time in the industry. It was the last portion of the year and everyone was getting music out. Adele was at the top of the chart and Justin Bieber was at the top of the chart and I was like ‘Oh, I’m not sure how I’m going to do, I’m asking for trouble really,’ and I found out that I was third. That’s a moment that I will always remember. 

I kept on telling myself that it was going to happen one day, and that’s what kept me so determined. I still pinch myself every day because I still can’t really believe that it’s actually happened.

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