Here’s what you need to know about Stranger Things before starting Season 2

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It’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for, tomorrow Stranger Things 2 comes to Netflix, meaning it’s time to catch up on all the crazy happenings in Season 1.

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana. The year is 1983, and young Will Byers is on his way home from playing Dungeons & Dragons with his three pals Mike, Dustin and Lucas. While cycling through the woods, Will encounters a mysterious creature… and vanishes.

The next day, a young girl with a shaved head, named “Eleven” after the number tattooed on her arm, sneaks into the kitchen of a diner, desperate for something to eat. She is befriended by the owner, Benny, but he is promptly killed by a shady government agent who is looking for the girl. Eleven escapes, and runs into Mike, Dustin and Lucas, who are searching for Will in the woods. Mike sneaks Eleven into his house, where it soon becomes evident that she possesses supernatural powers.

Elsewhere, Will’s mother Joyce and slightly creepy brother Jonathan become increasingly unhinged following his disappearance. Joyce starts to think that she can hear Will’s voice, and believes he is trying to communicate through flashing lightbulbs, while Jonathan becomes distracted from the search by secretly photographing his crush, Mike’s older sister Nancy.

The following evening, Nancy drags her loyal bestie Barb along to a party with the douchey-but-popular Steve and his friends. When Barb tries to get Nancy to leave, Nancy chooses to stay with her new gang. Barb, left dejected and alone, is immediately attacked and killed by the same grotesque monster that took Will.

The body of a young boy is found in the quarry, but Joyce refuses to believe it is Will; she remains convinced he is trapped in another realm, unable to make his way home. When Sherriff Hopper investigates, he discovers that the “body” is in fact a dummy, and that the government ordered the police to lie. Hopper breaks into a local government facility, and finds a portal to the place where Will is being held captive.

It is revealed that Eleven was a test subject in Project MKUltra, and that her psychic abilities were being used by government scientist Brenner to eavesdrop on enemy operatives. While in a sensory deprivation tank, Eleven somehow managed to accidentally communicate with the creature in the other realm, which they dub the “Upside Down.” It was Eleven’s extraordinary powers which inadvertently opened the doorway between their two worlds.

Nancy and Jonathan encounter the monster in the woods, and narrowly escape becoming its prey in the Upside Down. They resolve to trap and kill it themselves. With the help of Steve, they manage to defend themselves against it, but it disappears back into the Upside Down.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Hopper venture into the Upside Down to find Will. At the same time, Mike takes Eleven to a school dance, where he confesses his feelings for her, and they kiss. Then Brenner and his agents crash the party, and Eleven is forced to use her powers to protect herself and her new friends. Before Brenner can get Eleven back in his clutches, the monster attacks the school. Using the last of her strength, Eleven vanquishes the creature — and then disappears.

Joyce, Jonathan and Will are reunited, and all seems well. One month later, the Byers family celebrate Christmas. But Will is still haunted by his time in the Upside Down. And by the looks of the squirming, slug-like creature which he coughs out, the Upside Down isn’t finished with him just yet…

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