Iberia Express Launches Madrid And Beyond

Birmingham Airport has welcomed the arrival of Iberia Express serving four weekly flights to Madrid, with connections to more than 30 Iberia destinations across Spain, Portugal, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We know what we will be planning for this summer!

The Birmingham flights are scheduled to offer the best connections from Madrid to another 34 Iberia Group destinations, such as Dakar, Buenos Aires, Havana, Mexico City, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, and São Paulo.

Famous for its art museums as well as its football teams, Madrid is a shopper’s paradise, boasting both name-brand shops and independent establishments offering the highest quality for affordable prices. Another attraction is the variety and quality of the city’s many restaurants.

Welcoming Iberia Express as it landed at Birmingham Airport was Paul Kehoe, the Airport’s Chief Executive. He said:

This is our 11th new airline to recently launch so we’re delighted that Iberia Express has also recognised the extensive business and leisure market in our region, and we welcome the strong Iberia brand to our growing network of airlines.

Flying over to Birmingham on the inaugural flight from Madrid, Iberia Express’ Head of Revenue Management and Network, Trevor Martin, added:

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city and a popular tourism destination, has a thriving business economy and many universities so we are confident that we will see many people from Madrid using the service for business, leisure and to visit friends and family.

We most certainly agree with Trevor Martin, I think we will be taking a trip to Madrid for some leisurely shopping!

Paul Kehoe and the crew from Iberia Airlines celebrate the inaugural flight into BHX

For more information and to book flights, visit www.iberia.com

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