Inside Magical Lantern Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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An amazing spectacle of traditional oriental lanterns with a modern twist.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens has now opened the much-anticipated Magical Lantern Festival for the first time. From pandas to princesses, this delightful display of huge and exceptionally intricate light sculptures and lanterns is really is an event for everyone; young, old and everyone in between.

Walking along the main trail, it’s very easy to see the lantern exhibits from all angles as you can go at your own pace. As you make your way around the gardens, it’s hard to ignore the detail, time and effort that has quite clearly gone into every one of these amazing displays. With three weeks worth of construction behind it, Magical Lantern Festival is a fine display of stunning design, with some exhibits being hand-made on site and others reconstructed in China. 

Set in the surroundings of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the rich and natural backdrop is a perfect setting for the lanterns, creating even more of an awe-inspiring feeling. The shadows cast on the lanterns from the trees and enormous plants bring the lanterns to life, making them even more interesting than they already are.

With underwater scenes, a magical Cinderella inspired horse and carriage, a peacock that stands at 12 metres wide and even a huge Chinese temple, you simply cannot dislike this captivating visual extravaganza.

Words: Kati Boniface

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