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With more and more people documenting their personal travels through social media, it has never been easier to source inspiration when planning your own excursions.

Instagram and travel form the perfect union. The photo sharing site allows travel seekers to explore destinations off-the-beaten-track and most importantly, a more personalised account of the travel experience. A far cry from the standard travel guidebook of sure-fire ‘tourist hotspots’. There are thousands of travel accounts to choose from, so we’ve taken the liberty of whittling down some of our favorite travel instagrammers who we think offer an insightful spectrum of vibrant visuals. As all the instagrammers featured are from right here in the UK, we hope this list provides you with not only inspiration to travel, but to share your journey too!

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Behind this Instagram account is an Irish mum of three – she is a former banker and passionate traveller. It’s the meticulous attention to detail that makes this page so special. All the images are strategically placed to create the perfect balance of hues and textures running throughout. Feminine and flawless, this Instagram account is capable of transporting anyone into a state of wanderlust.

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Adam Partridge rides his bike around Dorset, and we follow him every step of the way! This Instagram account is predominantly faded coastal views and a dreamy haze of winding meadows. If you’re a fan of long walks on the beach or countryside adventures, this account is the ideal source of inspiration!

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A lady in London documents the travel musings of a London-based travel writer originally from sunny California. This busy Instagram account does a wonderful job of capturing the many different sides to London – with a particular focus on the intricacy of its architecture. Featured in National Geographic and recommended by Harper’s Bazaar; A Lady in London is definitely one to follow!

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Photographer Emmanuel Cole; ‘fascinated by harsh light, symmetry, and urban landscape’, captures the bright lights and industrious streets of East London. Each and every image is intensely adrenaline fueled – the perfect Instagram account to marvel at the hustle bustle of fast-paced city life.

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This writer and self-confessed ‘culture vulture’ documents the everyday life and beauty of England. Teeming with Georgian architecture, red telephone boxes and vibrant parkland, this page is a perfect reminder of the simple beauty that surrounds us.

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Adrienne Pitts describes herself as ‘a photographer with a neverending love of travel, people, dogs, coffee and sunshine.’ Originally from New Zealand and now based in the UK, Adrienne travels worldwide documenting her story. There is a great level of artistry behind each snapshot – a great account for creative inspiration.

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