Pasta di Piazza Celebrates its Birthday with Free Pasta Giveaway

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One of the city’s longest running restaurants is be celebrating it’s 21st anniversary by giving away bags of what they know how to cook best – pasta!

The well loved Italian restaurant, Pasta di Piazza, which makes its fine, fresh, pasta on site at its restaurant, will be hitting the streets on tomorrow to give away hundreds of bags of free pasta in the heart of the city. However, if you can resist taking it home, anyone who brings the bag of pasta back to the restaurant on Brook Street, will be able to exchange the bag for a free and tasty, pasta dish of the week.

The popular restaurant makes all of its traditional Italian dishes from only the freshest ingredients which are sourced from the top suppliers, and has been an icon of the Birmingham dining scene since it first opened in 1995. After its swish new expansion worth £400,000, it now holds a whole new second floor for diners, ensuring that you will be able to snap up a table when your craving for pasta returns.

Manager of Pasta di Piazza, Roni Ferro said:

The pasta giveaway is a fantastic way for us to talk with our customers and to give them a fun incentive to come and dine with us. They can use the dried pasta for their cooking at home if they wish, but for a taste of Italy, they should come to Pasta di Piazza. We’ve got steak, fish, different meats and pizzas on our menu, but you can’t beat a fresh pasta dish.

So if you’re a pasta lover like us, make sure to keep an eye out in the city centre tomorrow between 8am-2pm for the Pasta di Piazza team, who will be giving out bags of their traditional pasta; and then it’s up to you – take it home to enjoy or sit back and relax when you exchange it for a delicious free dish at the restaurant! 

Words by Molly Davies

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